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Today In Genealogy History – March 8

Wedding Bells Ring Today!!!!!

Washington County, Kentucky

Thomas Willett married Sarah Bryan 08 Mar 1804
William Givens married Sally Donan 08 Mar 1809
Joseph Odell married Mary Farris 08 Mar 1815
James Murry married Peggy Moore 08 Mar 1816
Benedict Beaven married Mary Clark 08 Mar 1819
Berry Lewis married Polly Hays 08 Mar 1821
Mountford J. Peter married Elizabeth Parrott 08 Mar 1830
Benjamin F. Beaven married Juliet Anne Wade 08 Mar 1834
Abraham Wright married Eleanor Gardner 08 Mar 1841
James Norris married Julia Moore 08 Mar 1842
French E. Brown married Margaret Gardiner 08 Mar 1844
Pleasant Carrier married Letty Ann Crow 08 Mar 1847
William D. Cornish married Elizabeth Clark 08 Mar 1859
John W. Gabhart married Jane Goodman 08 Mar 1864
George W. Devine married Caroline Perkins 08 Mar 1866
James Gardner married Delilah Litteral 08 Mar 1869
Thomas Warford married Lavina Searcy 08 Mar 1874
William Graves married Mary Bottom 08 Mar 1880
Edward Whitehouse married Nancy Young 08 Mar 1881
George L. Parker married Alice K. Cambron 08 Mar 1887

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  1. Do you have any information on a Lucy Fletcher from Henry Co, Ky? She married a William M Haggard around 1850? Thank you, Joy

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