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St. Vincent De Paul Baptisms

St. Vincent De Paul Baptisms

Nelson County, Kentucky

Baptized May 26, 1888, John Alfred Brady, son of Milton Brady and Elizabeth Masterson, born March 29, 1888.  Sponsor, Fannie Nally.

Baptized May 27, 1888, Edward Hicks, son of Daniel Hicks and Laura Smith, born April 12, 1888.  Sponsor, Fannie Nally.  Marginal note:  Edward Hicks and Edna Watson were married by Rev. W. P. Hogarty, New Haven, Kentucky, March 18, 1919.  Witnesses:  William Miles and Willie Hicks.

Baptized June 9, 1888, Vernon Calistus Coyle, son of James Coyle and Georgia A. Brown, born May 31, 1888.  Sponsor, Nanny Mary Coyle.

Baptized June 16, 1888, Joseph Philip Masterson, son of  Frank Masterson and E. Jane Holtshouser, born May 26, 1888.  Sponsor, Victoria Nally.

Baptized June 17, 1888, Leonard Benedict O’Bryan, son of Clay O’Bryan and Mary Jane Greenwell, born May 11, 1888.  Sponsor, Fannie Greenwell.  Marginal note:  Leonard Benedict O’Bryan and Mary Maud Downs were married by Rev. A. C. Zoeller November 20, 1911.  Witnesses:  Damien Cambron and Leo Downs.

Baptized June 17, 1888, Mary Stella Miles, daughter of Jake Miles and Sara Ann Buckler, born June 3, 1888.  Sponsor, Christina Jarboe.

Baptized June 17, 1888, Joseph Leonard Smith, son of Samuel Smith and Olive Hall, born June 4, 1888.  Sponsor, Laura Hall.

Baptized June 30, 1888, Lilly Margaret Hagan, daughter of Ernest Hagan and Emma Masterson, born June 17, 1888.  Sponsor, Susan O’Bryan.

Baptized July 14, 1888, Samuel Willard Nalley, son of Robert Nalley and Victoria Greenwell, born July 12, 1888.  Sponsor, Fanny Greenwell.

Baptized July 17, 1888, Louis John Head, son of F. M. Head and Mary E. Bryant, born July 10, 1888.  Sponsor, Mary Corbett.

Baptized September 8, 1888, Mary Martina Mouser, daughter of James T. Mouser and Mary B. Elder, born August 27, 1888.  Sponsor, Martina Elder.

Baptized May 26, 1888, Ruth Mary Linton, daughter of Moses Linton and Margaret Willett, born August 19, 1872.  Sponsor, Elizabeth Willett.

Baptized May 26, 1888, Margaret Linton, daughter of Moses Linton and Margaret  Willett, born August 13, 1875.  Sponsor, Mrs. William Peak.

Baptized September 16, 1888, Mary Catherine Hagan, daughter of Edward Hagan and Annie Berry, born September 15, 1888.  Sponsor, Mrs. Elizabeth Hagan.

Baptized September 16, 1888, Miles Edward Edelen, son of Robert Edelen and A. B. Bryant, born August 24, 1888.  Sponsor, Gertrude Edelen.  Marginal note:  Miles Edward Edelen and Rose Ellenora Cecil were married September 23, 1913, by Rev. A. M. Zoeller, Holy Cross, Kentucky.  Witnesses:  Everett Edelen and Lulu Clark.

Baptized September 23, 1888, Francis David Williamson, son of John Williamson and Anastena Masterson, born August 21, 1888.  Sponsor, Teresa Catherine Masterson.

Baptized January 12, 1899, James Lavialle Luckett, son of James Lavialle Luckett and Anna Bridget Miles, born January 1, 1899.  Sponsor, Celia Anna Mattingly.

Baptized January 12, 1899, John Oscar Morris, son of John Benjamin Morris and Mary Teresa Hall, born November 17, 1898.  Sponsor, Anna Florence Morris.

Baptized January 21, 1899, Mary Olla Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith and Sabina Hicks, born January 18, 1899.  Sponsor, Sarah Smith.

Baptized February 2, 1899, Mary Prudence Hall, daughter of William Theodore Hall and Teresa Catherine Masterson, born December 30, 1898.  Sponsor, Mary Elizabeth Johnson.

Baptized February 6, 1899, James Edward Blair, son of Mary Ann Sidonia Blair, born December 10, 1891.  Conditional baptism.

Baptized February 26, 1899, Frederick Palmer Brown, son of Thomas Edward Brown and Susanna Emma Clark, born February 19, 1899.  Sponsor, Beatrice Clark.

Baptized March 11, 1899, Mary Myrtle Hayes, daughter of William Hayes and Mary Brady, born February 17, 1899.  Sponsor, Louise Brady.

Baptized March 11, 1899, Emma Margaret Lewis, daughter of Edward Lewis and Rebecca Ann Adams, born March 5, 1899.  Sponsor, Mary Josepha Miles.

Baptized March 20, 1899, James Matthew Simpson, son of Dudley Simpson and Martha Lasley, born in July 1898.  Sponsor, Mary Graham.

Baptized March 20, 1899, John Sydney Simpson, son of Dudley Simpson and Martha Lasley, born July 5, 1892.  Sponsor, Mary Graham.

Baptized March 20, 1899, William Simpson, son of Dudley Simpson and Martha Lasley, born in June 1896.  Sponsor, Mary Graham.

Baptized March 25, 1899, Gertrude Mitchell, daughter of Ella Mitchell.  Sponsor, Louise Mitchell.

Baptized March 25, 1899, Charles Daniel Sweat, son of William Joshua Sweat and Margaret Morris, born February 2, 1899.  Sponsor, Mary  Gertrude Masterson.

Baptized March 27, 1899, Susanna Cleoipha O’Bryan, daughter of Sydney Pius O’Bryan and Mary Elizabeth Morris, born January 26, 1899.  Sponsor, Teresa Morris.  Marginal note:  July 14, 1920, Susan C. O’Bryan and Charles Eric Dant were married by Rev. Thomas a. Connell, Detroit, Michigan.  Witnesses:  Emmanual Brown and his wife Edna.  Marginal note 2:  May 6, 1949, Susan C. O’Bryan Dant married Francis Monroe Masterson at St. Joseph Church, Bardstown, Kentucky.

Baptized April 1, 1899, James Joseph Curtis Linton, son of Moses Linton and Margaret Willett, born February 12, 1866.  Sponsor, Louise Bourran.  Conditional baptism.

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