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William Crewdson Inventory, Division of Property

William Crewdson Inventory, Division of Property

William Crewdson, the son of English immigrants William Crewdson and Ellen Burbridge, was born about 1752 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.  He married Milly Newman about 1782 in Richmond County, Virginia, her home county.  William and Milly had 8 children:  George, Lucy, Thomas, William Newman, Nancy, Ellen, Reuben and Elizabeth Crewdson.  Milly Newman Crewdson died about 1793, and some time after that William moved his family to Kentucky – to Logan County.

An inventory is listed in Will Book A, pages 239-243, dated September 26, 1812.  William must have died prior to that date, possibly unexpectedly since he left no will.  The appraisers were William Hopton, Archibald Felts and John Grinter; administrators Jesse B. Bernard and James Crewdson.  The sale of personal property was made November 14, 1812.

In Equity Box 4, case number 44, There is a division of slaves, but no other personal property given.  William M. Crewdson, son, gets Negro named Lot; John H. and Nancy Crewdson Grinter, daughter, get Negro named John; Robert B. and Ellen Crewdson  Herndon, daughter, get Negroes Mary and Sucky.  Also listed are Thomas, son; Reuben, son; Benjamin and Lucy Crewdson Linton, daughter; George, son; and Elizabeth Crewdson, daughter.  This case was filed July 7, 1814, by administrators Jesse B. Bernard and James Crewdson.

Their is a final division of slaves in Will Book B, pages 378-381, dated April 24, 1816.  Reuben Crewdson, son, received one Negro boy; Elizabeth Crewdson, daughter, received 1 Negro boy and 1 girl, and is to pay $12.00 to Reuben and $91.00 to the estate of William Crewdson.  Appraisal was the same date, by Thomas Clark, Peter Fitzhugh and Abner Clark.

Marriage dates for children:

Fluvanna County, Virginia

  • Lucy Crewdson married Benjamin Franklin Linton, April 12, 1805

Logan County, Kentucky

  • Thomas Crewdson married Margaret Grinter, August 1, 1814
  • Nancy Crewdson married John H. Grinter, May 17, 1813
  • Ellen Crewdson married Robert B. Herndon, September 25, 1813
  • Elizabeth Crewdson married James Grinter, August 3, 1818

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