Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery – Mercer County, Kentucky


Bethel Baptist Church is located in the northwest section of Mercer County, Kentucky.  It is a rural church, on the curvy back roads, in a beautiful area of the state!


The cemetery is not flat ground, but gently rolling hills, with lovely greenery all around!


This stone is for James and Ida Corn.  She was born October 9, 1862, and died February 1, 1893.  James was born January 14, 1855 – but no death date has been added to the stone – evidently he died after his wife.


Our dear friend and neighbor, Hazel Robinson, is buried here.  Alvin, her husband, died in 1968, and she continued on for another 35 years.  Mrs. Robinson mowed her yard well into her 80’s.  And was the best cook around!  Once she prepared a meal for relatives, then realized they were coming the next week.  She came and invited us to partake of all the wonderful food she made!


This is a lovely stone – L. C. Pinkston, born August 27, 1838, died January 15, 1921.


Mary, wife of M. Goodlett, born August 6, 1843, died March 17, 1922.


A good view of the back of the church.


Mary E., wife of John Kyler, born January 19, 1863, died March 22, 1884.  ‘She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a strong . . .’  And she died very young – only 21!


Thank you for going with us on our graveyard journey to Bethel Baptist Church!

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