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Today In Genealogy History – August 13

Lucy Crewdson Linton died 176 years ago – August 13, 1837 – in Logan County, Kentucky.  Lucy was the daughter of William Crewdson and Milly Newman, born August 17, 1785.  She married Benjamin Franklin Linton April 12, 1805, in Fluvanna County, Virginia.  Lucy and Benjamin had 12 children:  Mildred L., Moses Lewis, Nancy M., John, Thomas Crewdson, William Crewdson, Elizabeth, Benjamin Burkette, J. Newman, Lucy Crewdson, Burkette Lewis and George Thomas Linton.

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  1. Hello Phyllis,

    I am Dana Allen, great grandson of Charles Newman Crewdson born 1870 in believe Logan County and Lula Cox born 1869 from Bowling Green and they were married in 1899.

    I found your site based on your Lucy Crewdson article, 99% likley a relative. I was trying to verify some family stories such as Charles shined Jesse James boots when the gang stayed at his mother’s boarding house unbeknownst the day before Russellville robbery and that his mother was a direct descendant of Chief Justice John Marshall. From research have done so far looks more likely that it was the Chief Justice’s uncle John Marshall from Kentucky who was also quite famous.

    I have heard that Charles mother’s maiden name was Marshall, but have not found her name yet.

    Both of my great grandparents were somewhat famous as authors, she wrote “American Baby Abroad” and he wrote “Tales of the Road”

    By any chance would you know from your prior research who Charles mother and father were and if any relation to John Marshall?

    Thank you for your interesting website, Dana Allen

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