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Washington County Marriage Records

Washington County Marriage Records

Richard Noble married Terimenta Mills 01 Dec 1816
Alexander Noe married Jane Thompson 28 Oct 1825
Aquilla Noe married Martha Thompson 23 Nov 1818
Charles Noe married Annie Walker 17 Nov 1887
Charles W. Noe married Ellen George 11 Apr 1878
Edward H. Noe married Louisa Nantz 15 Jan 1874
George A. Noe married Tabitha Hall 25 Jan 1864
Isaac W. Noe married Heather Sarah Wilson 22 Sep 1847
James H. Noe married Mary Ann Smith 05 Aug 1852
John W. Noe married Margaret Trowbridge 03 Sep 1851
William T. Noe married Eliza J. Mock 14 Sep 1865
Henry Noel married Elizabeth Lawson 18 Nov 1852
James H. Noel married Elizabeth Burns 17 Dec 1857
James Noel married Permelia Lawson 13 Jul 1880
James Noel married Sarah Shewmaker 31 Aug 1828
John Noel married Mary Jane Gillespie 03 Apr 1881
Leroy C. Noel married Teresa Brown 29 Jan 1832
Lunsford Noel married Fanny Franklin 13 Nov 1837
Moses Noel married Jane Hurst 15 Jul 1824
Robert Noel married Mahala Young 02 Sep 1834
Roderick Noel married Sarah E. Key 08 Jan 1854
Samuel B. Noel married Sallie Colvin 17 Feb 1871
Silas M. Noel married Sarah Ann Trout 1865
Tinnans Noel married Elizabeth Whitehouse 22 Nov 1836
William N. Noel married Narcissa Lawson 25 Dec 1848
William W. Noel married Mahala Brown 24 Feb 1835
Charles Norris married Nancy Ewing 10 Jan 1822
Ignatius Norris married Drucilla Ann Elliott 09 Apr 1819
James Norris married Julia Moore 08 Mar 1842
Joseph Norris married Catherine Haynor 04 Aug 1846
Joseph Norris married Nancy Dorsey 20 Feb 1837
Maxwell U. Norris married Catherine Edelen 03 May 1859
Moses Norris married Keziah Tucker 21 Mar 1826
Richard Norris married Mary Mills 06 Aug 1798
Thomas F. Norris married Martha J. Phelps 28 Jul 1846
Thomas Norris married Mariam Lucas 13 Nov 1824
Thomas T. Norris married Sarah C. Phelps 03 Dec 1854
Wilfred Norris married Elizabeth Jarboe 20 Apr 1796
William Norris married Alice Corn 28 Dec 1872
Erasmus Northcraft married Mary Greenwood 05 Jun 1826
Erasmus Northcraft married Sally Graham 29 May 1817
James Northcraft married Nancy Wright 01 Nov 1810
John Northcutt married Elizabeth Sapp 15 Aug 1832
William Northern married Elizabeth Rice 02 Mar 1839
Owen Norton married Sarah J. Kennedy 29 Oct 1860
Thomas J. Norton married Annie J. Mattingly 09 May 1881
John N. Nourse married Rachel C. Ewing 08 May 1828

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  1. I am wondering if anyone knows the burial place of Thomas T Norris who married Martha Phelps and later Sarah Phelps.

  2. VIsited the place where Ignatius and Drucilla Norris are buried at Fredricktown, KY. three stones are in a pile and the area has been either bulldozed or plowed, it looks like a dump. I am hoping someone is also kin to these people who would like to help get a fence around the area before it is totally wiped away. Please call me at 502/227-1646 Patty Norris Peavler

  3. I’ll never NOE how SUSAN NOE ( 1826 – 1884 ) of Casey County area who was married ( 1844) to John James Jones ( 1823 to 1897 ) ( who was thought to be related to the Mosias Jones family from Virginia and Madison County ) could evade historic notation. Since I’m just going by my DNA associations to make my denotations from other people’s family trees and using census research to confirm most findings , I’m often shocked on how they all end up with John Jones Rector of St Nicholas Acon in their direct line. Of course he was married to Anna Vassall who was Captain John 11 Vassal’s daughter. Her brother was William Vassall who’s daughter was Judith Vassall who married Resolve White. Making them the French side of the William White Society. Kind of odd for so many to make the same historic claim and after months of research , I couldn’t tell you who the parent was for either one of them for sure. Not even a guess for Susan Noe and just a John and a Elizabeth for John Jones parentage. Two prominent historic families, I presume , that have been ignored by Kentucky History to some extent. Of course the Vassall’s did remain loyal to the Queen during the …………………. : )

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