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Births – Kentucky Vital Statistics – Washington County

from Kentucky Vital Statistics, Washington County, Kentucky, Marriages – Births – Deaths 1852-1860

Darnall, David S. B., male, born September 25, 1855, to Joseph Darnall and Amanda Phelps.

Davis, Elizabeth J., female, born March 3, 1853, to Clayton Davis and Emily Shackleford.

Dean, Elizabeth Ann, female, born December 7, 1852, to Henry Dean and M. A. Cambron.

Dearing, D. J., female, born October 14, 1855, to George Dearing and Harriett Bowls.

DeBond, S. P., male, born October 22, 1860, to M. B. DeBond and Mary Turner, residence, Chaplin.

Debond, J. S., male, born August 7, 1856, to Turner DeBond and Mary E. Turner.

DeBond, J. V., male, born December 4, 1860, to T. J. DeBond and H. J. Veach, residence, Chaplin.

Dennis, George D., male, born July 15, 1853, to William Dennis and Malinda Downing.

Dennis, John B., male, born April 1857, to Henry Dennis and S. A. McKinny.

Dennis, John C., male, born May 10, 1860, to Isaac Dennis and Mary Brown, residence, Chaplin.

Derringer, S. E., female, born November 11, 1857, to Dural Derringer and M. A. Hall.

Derringer, unnamed, female, born 1855, to Martin Derringer and Nancy Ray.

Devine, Eliza, female, born April 28, 1852, on Glens Creek, to William H. Devine and Elizabeth Shirley.

Devine, Samuel, male, stillborn, August 8, 1852, on Glens Creek, to George Devine and Louisa Riley.

Dickerson, Sarah E., female, born November 2, 1852, on Glens Creek, to B. J. Dickerson and Martha A. Schooling.

Dicks, Sallie Bell, female, born May 3, 1860, at Tollgate, to George Dicks and Miss Hardin.

Dicks, James L., male, born April 10, 1855, to James A. Dicks and Armesia Long.

Divine, Andrew, male, born November 21, 1858, to Samuel Divine and Nancy Divine.

Divine, N. J., female, born December 10, 1855, to G. W. Divine and Mary Yates.

Divine, Narcis, female, born November 20, 1858, to Andrew Divine and Lucinda Riley.

Divine, Sarah Jane, female, born March 24, 1855, to Hamson Divine and Mary Harmon.

Doak, unnamed, female, born December 25, 1855, to William Doak and Martha Hoskins.

Doke, Samantha B., female, born September 4, 1860, Glens Creek to ? and Martha Hoskins, residence, Chaplin.

Doke, unnamed, female, born December 30, 1856, to William Doke and Martha A. Hoskins.

Dorothy, Mary C., female, born September 18, 1852, to Finley Dorothy and Margaret Baker.

Dorsey, Mary R., female, born December 17, 1853, to Richard Dorsey and Rebecca A. Nall.

Dorsey, S. E., female, born November 24, 1860, on Beach, to E. D. Dorsey and Catherine Hammond.

Dorsey, unnamed, female, born September 20, 1855, to Elias Dorsey and Catherine Schooler.

Dowling, Mary R., female, born September 22, 1860, St. Rose, to Francis H. Dowling and Susan Hagan.

Downy, Martha, female, born October 11, 1855, to Sarah E. Downy, no father given.

Drury, unnamed, female, born November 10, 1855, to Lambert Drury and Nancy Tolly.

Dugan, John A., male, born April 14, 1860, at Manton, to William H. Dugan and Lucinda Cusick.

Duggins, Andrew J., male, born October 27, 1855, to Elijah Duggins and Rachel Foster.

Duggins, William M., male, born October 10, 1858, to Elijah Duggins and Rachel Foster.

Duggins, Sarah E., female, born April 14, 1852, to Elijah Duggins and Rachel Foster, on Glens Creek.

Durham, James W., male, born December 27, 1853, to James Durham and Eliza Austin.

Duncan, George D., male, born April 1, 1855, in Marion County, to W. H. Duncan and Mary E. Davison.

Duncan, John D., male, born June 16, 1858, to S. Duncan and Sarah E. Harvey.

Duncan, Martha J., female, born November 1, 1853, to Lawson Duncan and Sarah E. Harvey.

Durr, Amanda, female, born July 4, 1860, Glens Creek, to J. S. Durr and Mary W. Graves.

Durr, Ann C., female, born 1852, on Chaplin, to James T. Durr and Virginia E. Shewmaker.

Durr, Jacob, male, born January 17, 1856, to Sebastian Durr and K. N. Stines.

Durr, James R., male, born September 29, 1855, to Jacob Durr and Josephine Ripton.

Durr, James R., male, born April 2, 1858, to Sebastian Durr and Kitty A. Stines.

Durr, Louisa B., female, March 22, 1855, to James T. Durr and Jane Shewmaker.

Durr, Salina M., female, born March 14, 1860, on Chaplin, to James Durr and Jane Shewmaker, residence Chaplin.

Durr, unnamed, male, born November 27, 1853, to Sebastian Durr and Catherine Stines.

Durr, unnamed, male, born July 19, 1858, to Sebastian Durr and Kitty A. Stines.

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