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Washington County, Kentucky, Marriage Records

Marriage Records – Washington County, Kentucky

September 12th

Robert Hindman married Nancy Baugh 12 Sep 1797
James Phillips married Winny Cummins 12 Sep 1798
William Head married Betsy Wathan 12 Sep 1809
William Ray married Margaret Eubank 12 Sep 1815
Peter Townsend married Ruth Hilton 12 Sep 1820
Joseph Bosworth married Elizabeth Scott 12 Sep 1822
William Wheeler married Sabina Parris 12 Sep 1822
Benjamin Wathen married Maria Boone 12 Sep 1827
Jacob F. Kimberlain married Julia H. Dougherty 12 Sep 1834
Daniel McCallister, Jr., married Susan Ryan 12 Sep 1834
John Isaacs married Perlina Gordon 12 Sep 1839
Richard H. Montgomery married Teresa E. Powell 12 Sep 1854
Vardarin Hall married Jerusha C. Adams 12 Sep 1860
William Cornish married Margaret Sutherland 12 Sep 1861
William J. Henry married Mary M. Hickerson 12 Sep 1861
John C. McMillan married Nannie Willis 12 Sep 1872
Ben Moore married Martha Wright 12 Sep 1872
Chesley H. Lawson married Martha F. Satterly 12 Sep 1875
George W. Montgomery married Savina Ross 12 Sep 1876
James Goatley married Rosa Hays 12 Sep 1883
B. F. Richardson married Lucinda L. Scott 12 Sep 1883
William G. Spraggins married Lucinda C. Watkins 12 Sep 1887
John Carey married Alice Pinkston 12 Sep 1889
McClelland Whitehouse married Nannie Wilson 12 Sep 1889
John Tingle married Susie Green 12 Sep 1891

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