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Nelson County Marriages

Marriages – Nelson County, Kentucky

Moses Davis married Mary Carr, widow, surety Samuel Case 08 Nov 1787
John Davis married Malinda Minor, d/o the widow Elizabeth Minor, surety William Minor, consent filed with bond, wit William Minor 09 Jun 1821
John Davis married Dorothy Vanhorn, surety Atkinson Hill 12 Apr 1791
Joseph Davis married Fanny Okes, d/o Nancy Okes, surety Joshua West, consent filed with bond, wit Daniel Okes & Joshua West 13 Oct 1810
John Davis married Jane Miller, d/o Samuel Miller, surety James Hancock, consent filed with bond, wit James Hancock & Leah Miller 16 Jun 1814
Lott Davis married Susan Seal, d/o John Seal, surety John Seal, Lott Davis made oath that from the information of his parents he is upwards of 21 years of age 18 Dec 1819
Presley Davis married Susanna Foster, d/o John Foster, surety John Foster 19 Mar 1810
John Davis married Priscilla Duvall, step-daughter of Daniel James, surety Daniel James 23 Mar 1804
John Davis married Sarah Litching, surety Randel Litching, consent by p/o Anthony and Susanna Litching, wit Randel Litching 26 Aug 1790
Joseph W. Davis married Mrs. Anne Samuels, surety John Samuels 30 Jan 1826
Philip Davis married Margaret Mattingly, surety John Brothers, consent signed by Leonard Mattingly but no relationship shown 30 Nov 1786
John M. Downs married Matilda Evans 01 Jun 1854
Thomas O. Downs, age 22, single, married Mary C. Cissell, age 22, single Oct 1853
Sandford Duncan married Ann Hammond, d/o Job Hammond, surety Job Hammond, consent for Sandford Duncan signed by his father Coleman Duncan, wit A. Guthrie & Timothy Lyne 01 Dec 1806
William Duncan married Nancy Mason, d/o John Mason, surety William W. Mason, consent filed with bond, wit William W. Mason & John Cooper 02 Feb 1808
Samuel Duncan married Berlinda Mobley, widow of Benjamin Mobley, decd, surety James Willett 03 Aug 1812
Thomas Duncan married Nancy Grundy, d/o John Grundy, both Thomas Duncan and Nancy Grundy being over the age of 21 years, surety James Allen, consent filed with bond, wit John Helm 12 Jan 1808
Thomas Duncan married Nancy Berkeley, d/o Elizabeth Berkeley, surety Marmaduke Berkeley who made oath that Nancy is upward of 21 years of age 13 Nov 1816
Thomas Duncan married Nancy Green, d/o Leven Green, surety Nicholas Minor, consent filed with bond, wit Nicholas Minor 29 Aug 1796
Seth Duncan married Jane Carter, d/o Nicholas Carter, surety James Carter who made oath that Jane Carter is 21 years of age 29 Aug 1823
Charles Duncaster married Mary Thompson, surety Henry Hayden, consent issued by Joseph Thompson, wit Henry Hayden 25 Mar 1791
Vincent Dunn married Mary Casey, widow, surety James Rogers 12 Oct 1795
Freehorn Dupin married Elizabeth Lampton, both being above the age of 21 years, surety Henry Lampton 08 Nov 1801
John Durham married Sary Randol, surety Samuel Randol 06 Jun 1791

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