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Marriages – Mercer County, Kentucky

Marriages – Mercer County, Kentucky

Garret Comingore married Phebe Ann Randolph, bondsman Clarkson E. Randolph, bond 17 Sep 1840
John Comingore married Charity C. Stagg, bondsman and guardian James H. Stagg, bond 13 Nov 1849
John W. Comingore married Leah Jane Stagg, bondsman Abram B. Stagg, bond 24 Sep 1847
Joel Compton married Amanda Walker, bondsman Alexander J. Walker, bride’s father Alexander Walker, witness P. C. Latimer, bond 17 Dec 1838
William T. Compton married Susan Durham, bondsman and bride’s father Benjamin Durham, groom’s father Robert C. Compton who says his son is a minor, witnesses William L. Earnest and S. S. Barrett, bond 26 Aug 1834
Adam Conder married Amanda E. Daniel, bondsman James May, bride’s father J. G. Daniel, witness Lloyd Conder, bond 27 Sep 1841
Daniel Conder married Elizabeth Whittinghill, bondsman David Whittinghill, bride’s mother Elizabeth Gabhart, witness Thomas M. Conder, bond 30 Jul 1832
Milton Conder married Elizabeth Whitehouse, bondsman Henry Whitehouse, groom’s father Peter Conder, bride’s father Benjamin Whitehouse, witness Samuel Whitehouse, bond 14 Apr 1841
Timothy Conder married Susannah Franklin, bondsman Henry Whitehouse, bond 10 Aug 1836
James R. Congleton married Jane Gass, bondsman Benjamin F. Gass who says his sister Jane is over 21, bond 17 Jan 1833
John Congleton married Maria Saylor, bondsman James Gass who certifies bride is over 21, bond 04 Jun 1831
Richard F. Conner married Eliza Jane Roach, bondsman W. H. Wilson, bride’s father J. B. Roach, witness Ann Tompkins, bond 20 Mar 1844
William G. Conner married Ann M. Lankford, bondsman Richard Meaux, bride’s grandfather Lanty Holman, witness Richard Holman, bond 29 Mar 1834
Paul Conner married Susan Ann Wilson, bondsman William B. Smith, bride’s mother Elizabeth H. Wilson, witness Vance Wilson, bond 14 Dec 1844
Peter T. Conover married Jemima Butler, bondsman Peter Harmon who certifies that the bride is 21 years old, bond 06 Jan 1823
Benjamin Cook married Kitty Ann Wilhite, bondsman Austin H. Wilhite, bride’s father Nicholas Wilhite, witness Hezekiah Robertson, bond 16 Apr 1836
Lankford Cook married Lydia Phillips, bondsman O. C. Egbert, bride’s mother Sarah Phillips, witness A. Egbert, bond 20 Jul 1835
Joseph Cook married Elizabeth Chiles, bondsman William Fields, bride’s grandfather A. G. Kyle, witness Absalom Wray, bond 02 Oct 1837
Strother Cook married Lucy M. Jenkins, bondsman and bride’s grandfather Benjamin Curd, bond 16 Apr 1838
Daniel A. Coovert married Catherine Vanarsdall, bondsman Simon Vanarsdall, bride’s mother Idea Vanarsdall, witness Elijah Bohon, bond 02 Sep 1846
Daniel Coovert married Sarah R. Woods, bondsman James Woods, Jr., bride’s father James Woods, witness Richard Holman, bond 08 Jan 1848
Daniel Coovert married Phoebe Jane Wigham, bondsman Thomas Anderson, bond 21 Dec 1850
Garret Coovert married Elizabeth Ann Woods, bondsman James Woods, bond 23 Jan 1840
Isaac B. Coovert married Margaret Westerfield, bondsman John Schamp, bride’s father J. C. Westerfield, bond 27 Dec 1841
Jacob S. Coovert married Martha Overstreet, bondsman Abraham Comingore who certifies the bride’s age is 21, bond 31 Dec 1832
Jonas Corman married Margaret Zike, bondsman James Corman, bride’s father Joseph Zike, witnesses Tyre Blake and James Carroll, bond 29 Jun 1843
William Corn married Delila Gritton, bondsman William Gritton brother of the bride who states she is the daughter of John Gritton and is over 21, bond 09 Mar 1816
William Corn married Catherine Tolbert, bondsman Thomas Q. Roberts, bond 01 Dec 1830
Simon Corn married Lucinda Reynolds, bondsman George L. Reynolds who says his sister is over 21, bond 20 Aug 1834
Solomon Corn married Elizabeth Smith, bondsman Leonard Yeast, bride’s mother Lucy smith, witness L. D. Veach, bond 27 Dec 1845
Timothy Corn married Elizabeth Yeast, bondsman George G. Click, bond 23 Jun 1831
Timothy Corn, Jr., married Mary Cloyd, bondsman Preston Cloyd, groom’s father Joseph Corn, witness E. D. Veatch, bond 11 Jul 1848
William F. Cornelius married Sarah Catherine Haynes, bondsman George R. Brown, bride’s mother Mahala Haynes, groom’s father L. D. Cornelius of Garrard County, witnesses Charles Brown, G. F. Cornelius and Hamilton Cornelius, bond 27 Feb 1850

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  1. Isn’t there a cementary at the old Ft. Harrod? I remembered one back in the late 1949. I’m looking for Samuel Dennis who married Mary Yocum and I’m thinking I found his tombstone there. I was a student at Asbury College, Wilmore, at that time and was surprised but at that age not to interested. I am now.

    • Yes, there is a cemetery at Fort Harrod. Isn’t it always the case that we rarely visit what is closest to us? Ritchey and I do have plans to take photos there in the near future and will post afterwards. I’ll look for your Samuel Dennis! Fortunately I became interested in genealogy when I was 15. But there are still so many questions I could have asked my relatives at that time, while they were still with me!

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