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My Mother – Catherine Carrico Hill McIlvoy – 1931-2014

mom school

Mom waiting for the school bus.

My beautiful mother, Catherine Carrico Hill McIlvoy, passed away Thursday afternoon at 2:35.  I am devastated, but she is now at peace.  That gives me great comfort.  Everyone knows the love of a mother is not to be taken lightly.  It is one of the surest of loves and is always there through the years.


Mom riding her beloved mule, Mike.  Evidently she and Mary Alice raced these mules and had them jump over small piles of brush!  Much to their father’s consternation!


Mom in her early twenties.

Mom lived her life with love of family, God and nature.  We were all met at the door with a smile and a hug, a pot of coffee and home-cooked food.  It didn’t matter when you arrived, she was ready to feed!  I loved to listen to her talk of the old days – when she was young and growing up on the farm, all the wild adventures she and her sister Mary Alice had, stories about her grandparents and the love she had for her mom and dad.  I will miss hearing those tales, but I believe they are imprinted on my heart.


Mom and Dad, James Philip Hill, married April 7, 1956.  Mary Alice Carrico, mom’s sister was maid of honor, and Henry Thompson, nephew of my dad, was best man.  My Dad died at the young age of 50, 28 years ago.


Mom with my children, Linton and Kate, 1989.


Mom and Linton dancing at a wedding, 2004.

photo (2)

The last picture of mom before her death.  This was in February when she stayed with us for a month, then was in the nursing home for about a month before she died.  Mom loved playing with the cats while she was here!  I will miss her so very much!  If you still have your mother give her a special hug, or a phone call!

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  1. She was beautiful and I know you have wonderful memories of her. When you get sad just think of these memories and she will be with you always… God Bless you and your family…..

  2. Hello Phyllis
    Our sympathy goes out to you and all your family. I know you will miss your Mom so much. She was a great Mom. I have started work again, and I must have missed an email about her death. Our prayers are with you.
    I have lost both of my parents too, and there are not enough words to say how much and wish they were still here.
    Sincerely your cousin,
    Dottie Porter Himes

  3. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Your memories are now your treasures until you meet again. Joy

  4. March 23, 2014
    I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful mother. I lost my mother at age 102 in Harrodsburg, Ky 4 years ago. No matter how old they are it is not any easier. But you still have the memories and the love. Bless you. Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey

  5. What lovely pictures you shared with us! I would have loved to have known your mother. As a cat person, I especially relished her last photograph.

    I notice the first name “Linton” in the photographs. I am Dr. Moses L. Linton’s great, great granddaughter. Given Kentucky, etc., it appears that we’re relations.

    • Nona, how exciting that I’ve found another “Linton”! My gr-gr-gr-grandfather was William Linton, son of Captain John Linton, and brother to Benjamin Franklin Linton who was Dr. Moses Lewis Linton’s father. So we are cousins! My son is named for the Captain! Do you have information on the Linton family? And from which child of Dr. Moses Linton do you descend? Always happy to find another cousin!

  6. My sympathy to you on the loss of your mother. Cherish the many memories of your mother and may that give you comfort.
    Mary Pool

  7. So understand the feelings of your heart at this time,as we also lost our 91 year old mother a couple of days before Thanksgiving, after living with us about a year then about a month in a nursing home. She was born in 1922,and though Esther was her name, we knew her as ”Memama”… What a legacy of Faith ,Love , and Nurturing Care we have known…so just want ya to send my heart of caring to you…

  8. Dear Phyllis ~ I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful mom . . . I know that feeling well. It will be four years in July that I suddenly lost my mom, my best friend and I miss her so. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know this comes late but somehow I missed the update from your blog that I subscribe to . . . I still wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts.

  9. Phyllis, when I read again about your mother, I realized that she and your father were married on my birthday. I was born April 7, 1932 and was 24 when they got married. So many of us seem lucky to have been blessed with loving mothers. Take care, Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey

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