Family Stories

Morgan Family Bible

Morgan Family Bible

Washington County, Kentucky

Recorded as shown in Declaration of Jesse Peters, executor of Phillip Morgan.

  • Reuben Morgan, son of Phillip Morgan and Mary Morgan, his wife, born September 1724, died June 19, 1781, aged 57.
  • Mary Morgan, daughter of John and Jane Wright, wife of above Reuben Morgan, was born October 4, 1728, and died January 13, 1819, aged 91.
  • Phillip Morgan, son of above Reuben Morgan and wife Mary, was born March 17, 1758, in Mecklinburg County, Virginia, died September 20, 1826, aged 69.
  • Patty Morgan, daughter of Skippy W. Puckett and wife Mary was born November 27, 1759.

Children of Phillip and Patty Morgan

  • Mary Morgan was born March 14, 1785
  • Reuben Morgan was born September 9, 1786
  • Nancy Morgan was born March 22, 1788
  • Betty Morgan was born March 12, 1790
  • Patsy Morgan was born March 15, 1792
  • Sally Morgan was born October 9, 1793
  • Lucy Morgan was born August 10, 1796
  • Jane Morgan was born November 14, 1800
  • Patsy Puckett Wright Morgan was born December 22, 1803
  • Letitia Philips Raney Morgan was born February 18, 1806
  • Patsy Elender Morgan, d/o Sally Morgan, was born September 29, 1815
  • Son of Skippy Puckett was born May 31, 1762, died 1802
  • Skippy W. Puckett died March 17, 1783
  • Mary, his wife, died March 1809
  • Starling, brother of Philip, was also in Washington County, Kentucky



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  1. Do you have any more information regarding Phillip Morgan born 1700 , also his son Reuben Morgan both from Virginia .
    You had an article about the Morgan family Bible in Kentucky where some family members moved . Do you know who has that Bible now ?
    Reuben is one of my Ancestors and I live in
    GA . and I’m fascinated with all I’m finding , but I have no clue who Phillip Morgan , Reuben’s father’s parents are , and from where and when my family came to Virginia .
    I can’t find anything before Phillip Morgan born in 1700 .
    Can you text info to 706-833-6851

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