St. Charles Catholic Church Gravestone Photos And List


I am so pleased to announce my latest CD – finished today!  St. Charles Catholic Church Cemetery photos and listing.  There are 1,262 alphabetized names on the list, which includes birth and death dates and spouse, if known.  788 photos are included.  Not everyone in the cemetery is on the list – many of those buried after 1950 have not been included, although many are.  The amount of photos became overwhelming!  Many of the older stones are difficult to read.  And some, over time, have disappeared.  My great-great-grandmother, Ellen Lyons Smith, is buried in this cemetery, but her stone is no longer there.  This has been a five year project, beginning in the fall of 2009 and ending today, May 31, 2014.

This is a sample from the CD – it is an Excel spreadsheet which can be sorted by any category.  I saved it sorted by name, then description – an alphabetical sort.  As you can see, the photo numbers are in blue, and on the CD when clicked will open the photo automatically.  Thanks to my son, Linton, for mentioning that possibility!

This CD is priced at $27.95, but includes a tremendous amount of genealogical information.  The area of Marion County where St. Charles Church is located is where many of the ‘Maryland to Kentucky’ Catholics moved in the late 1700’s.

Abell 1827 Anne I. Abell 1766 18 Feb 1827
Abell 1915 Annette “Nettie” (Blair) Abell, wife of Charles Abell 1870 1915
Abell 1898 Celeste (Mattingly) Abell, wife of Joseph Edward Abell 29 Mar 1898 1980 750
Abell 1939 Charlie Abell 1862 1939
Abell 1951 Columbus Adrian Abell 10 Dec 1880 23 Oct 1951
Abell 1958 Eugene Abell 1894 1958
Abell J. I. Abell
Abell 1990 James B. Abell 03 Apr 1924 28 Dec 1990 1589
Abell 1921 James Patrick Abell 27 Apr 1921 1921 749
Abell 1943 Joseph Edward Abell 1892 1943 750
Abell 1968 M. Harold Abell 1922 1968 1582

Any thoughts?

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