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1860/1870 Fashion Show


A lovely wedding photo – from the 1870’s – according to the bustle!  I love the layers of ruffles.  Taken by Bowman Photographer, Ottawa, Illinois, a carte-de-visite.


This very nice photo of a middle aged woman.  The ruffled collar of her dress and the collar of her blouse, with its large bow, make quite the impression – as do her earrings!  Photo taken by Fred C. Low, 110 Cambridge Street, E. Cambridge, Massachusetts, a carte-de-visite.


The dress in this photo is all about the stripes – and special sleeves!  Early to middle 1860’s.  The photo was taken by P. Jones Photographer, Hope Street, Wrexham, Wales, a carte-de-visite.


This is a great example of the 1870’s bustle!  Victorian all the way!  The photo was taken by D. Jones Artist, 66 Bold Street and 11 Church Street, Liverpool, England, a carte-de-visite.


This is an old tintype from the late 1850’s, very early 1860’s.  The fullness of the lower sleeves on the woman’s dress help date this photo.  There is a slight hint of color in the cheeks of both the man and woman – a hand-tint that was used during that time period.


This is a beautiful photo, although not in the best shape!  The woman wears a dress reminiscent of the early 1860’s, but has a lovely check shawl over her shoulders that just makes the picture!  The photo was taken by F. Gutekunst, 706 Arch Street, Philadelphia, a carte-de-visite.

I hope you have enjoyed the 1860-1870 fashion show today!  Good luck with your research!

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  1. The photographs were lovely. What a privilege to see these moments in time. Thank you so much. I always enjoy your website. Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey

  2. The last but one photograph is not from the 50’s or early 60s despite the wide sleeves – everything else is from around 1869 including his hairdo and clothes. The woman’s double skirt with ruches and the emphasis on the back and the length of the skirt is from around 1868-1871. Her hairdo also (showing her ears) is not from the date you mentioned.

  3. Thank you so much for these postings showing how my ancestors might have dressed. Having 90s with high humity makes me wonder how the women survived Summer weather in the dresses that covered them except for hands, head and neck. And layers with no electric fans or A/C! And cooking over hot fire!

    Thanks again!

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