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Obituaries from The Schuyler Citizen – 1860

Rushville, Illinois, is still a very small town!  Ritchey’s Ritchey family were some of the first settlers of the county.  When we visited several years ago it still had its small-town charm.  The Schuyler Jail Museum is their restored jail and is now their genealogical center.  This small town has a center to rival those of state societies!  Perhaps not in volume, but in amount of information and actual historical items.  The genealogy library and research center is on the ground floor, and the basement is filled with glass cases of historical significance, both personal and county.  The walls are filled with large boards of information from newspaper articles and other papers.  It is definitely worth a visit!  Just the fact that they have their county newspaper from the Civil War era is amazing!

Obituaries from The Schuyler Citizen – 1860

Schuyler County, Illinois

Died – Anna Mary Whitson – on the 25th inst., Anna Mary, only child of W. J. and F. Whitson; aged four months and twenty days.  funeral services preached by Rev. John Scripps.  The Schuyler Citizen, July 25, 1860

Died – Henry Belchamber – on Tuesday the 24th, Henry, son of Mr. Jonathan Belchamber, of this place; aged nine years and ten months.  Funeral services preached by Rev. John Scripps.  The Schuyler Citizen, July 25, 1860

Died – Harriet Lett – in Lafayette, Kansas Territory, on the 5th inst., Harriet, only child of Henry C. and Margaret Lett, aged six months.  The afflicted parents brought the remains of their child to this place, reaching here Monday night.  The funeral services took place from the Presbyterian church at 2 p.m. yesterday.  The Schuyler Citizen, August 8, 1860

Died – Margaret Ellen Hite – on Friday, the 3rd inst., of croup, Margaret Ellen, daughter of W. H. H. Hite, of Brooklyn in this county, aged 4 years, 8 months and 9 days.  A funeral sermon was delivered on the occasion by the Rev. S. E. Wishard.  The Schuyler Citizen, August 8, 1860

Died – Mr. John Garmon – died in this place on Wednesday afternoon, the 22nd inst., at his residence, Mr. John Garmon; aged 57 years, 1 month and 26 days.  Mr. Garmon was born in Virginia, removed subsequently to Pennsylvania, and came to Rushville in 1834, where he has since resided till his death.  He was a remarkably quiet, unobtrusive man, strictly regular in all his habits, and scrupulously honest in his business affairs.  His occupation, both as a citizen and mechanic, his death will be a great loss.  On the Monday preceding his death he was in his usual good health.  Soon after retiring for the night he complained of pain in the side of his face, went out to the well and washed it, when his wife discovered that it was all drawn to one side.  He grew rapidly worse and could scarcely return to bed.  He had a paralytic stroke, and continued to grow worse till relieved by death.  He was not a church member, but nevertheless expressed a willingness to go whenever the Good Master called.  His funeral was attended by a large concourse of citizens.  He leaves no family but a widow, and she has the warm sympathy of our entire community.  The Schuyler Citizen, August 29, 1860

Died – James LaMaster – on Thursday the 23rd inst., at his residence near Newberry town, James LaMaster, in the 36th year of his age.  Mr. LaMaster was born in Scott County, Indiana, in 1824, removed to this county with his parents in 1827, and has ever since resided here.  He was a member both of the Masonic and Odd Fellow fraternities of this place, by whom his remains were consigned to the earth in the cemetery near Mr. E. Gillets.  As a citizen he stood high in the esteem of all who knew him, and the community where he resided has lost one of its most valuable members.  His health has been impaired for some months past.  On Saturday prior to his death he was taken worse and so continued till his death.  He retained his consciousness to the last and died calmly and peacefully.  He leaves a wife and five children.  The Rev. W. D. Lemon of this place preached his funeral at the grave to a large audience.  The Schuyler Citizen, August 29, 1860

Died – Mr. John Hamilton – at his residence, four miles east of Rushville, on Sunday, the 26th inst., Mr. John Hamilton, aged about 40 years.  Mr. Hamilton came to this county from Philadelphia seven years ago, and by his industry and general deportment won the esteem of all who knew him.  he was a member of the M. E. Church and died in full hope of heaven.  He was attacked but eight or ten days prior to his death with bilious fever, which resulted in a congestive chill.  The Schuyler Citizen, August 29, 1860

Died – Mr. William Cunningham – on Saturday the 25th inst., at his residence, four miles east of this place, of consumption, Mr. William Cunningham, in the 44th year of his age – having been a resident of this county since 1836.  The Schuyler Citizen, August 29, 1860


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