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Isaac Alexander – Revolutionary War Pensioner

Isaac Alexander – Revolutionary War Pensioner – W.2899, North Carolina

Mercer County, Kentucky – Pension Applications

State of Kentucky, Mercer County, May Term of Court, 1833

This May 6, 1833, a resident of said county, age 70 years, states he entered service, volunteered for six months in 1781, under Captain Jones, in Tyrrell County, North Carolina; joined the regiment under Colonel Jarvis, marched from Tyrrell County, North Carolina, court house to Kingston, thence to South Carolina, and joined the main army under General Green at Ramsey’s Mills; thence to a place on the Yadkin River and our tour having expired we were discharged, having served six months.

Isaac Chaplin, clergyman in Mercer County, said David Bowling and James Gray, living in the same county and state and near neighbor to Isaac Alexander, who has subscribed and sworn to the foregoing declaration, say they are well acquainted with him.

Bible Records:

  • Sally Alexander born December 11 or 14, 1790
  • Joshua Alexander born March 9, 1793
  • Reuben Alexander born December 19, 1797
  • Polly Alexander born October 16, 1800
  • Elizabeth Alexander born September 14, 1802
  • William Alexander born January 15, 1805
  • Nancy Alexander born October 1, 1807
  • Jesse Alexander born November 28, 1809
  • Isaac Alexander born August 17, 1812
  • Jeremiah Alexander born October 25, 1815
  • William Jeffries born July 27, 1824
  • Jeremiah Jeffries born September 11, 1826
  • James Harry Jeffries born July 9, 1828
  • Josiah A. Jeffries born August 4, 1830
  • Nancy Jeffries born October 6, 1834

State of Kentucky, Boyle County, February 27, 1844

Abraham Fulkerson was magistrate at this time and before him appeared Mrs. Chloe Alexander, age 74, states she is the widow of Isaac Alexander, deceased, late of Mercer County, now included in Boyle County [Boyle County was formed from Mercer County in 1842].  She states she was married to the said Isaac Alexander on December 1, 1789, and that he died August 10, 1838, and the magistrate said she and her husband raised a large family and they were respectable.  The widow states they were married in Wilkes County, Georgia, and from what he knew of the lady he believed it to be true.  And in Boyle County, Kentucky, Jeremiah Alexander made affidavit and he states that his father, Isaac Alexander, was a Revolutionary Pensioner, he says his mother lives with him in Boyle County.

Affidavit of Banister Blagrave of Boyle County, Kentucky.  Says he came to Mercer County, Kentucky, in February of 1790, and has continued to reside in said county until the portion in  which he now lives was struck off and is now in Boyle County, Kentucky.  That he was acquainted with Isaac Alexander, who died a few years ago in Mercer County; from the time he removed to Mercer until his death, that said Isaac Alexander came to Mercer in 1795 and then his wife, who is now a widow, Mrs. Chloe Alexander, had three children; that said Isaac came from the state of Georgia in company with his father-in-law, Reuben Ballard.  And I know it was in 1795 that they came to Mercer County, for Reuben Ballard purchased, immediately upon his arrival, the tract of land of William Crowdus, and Isaac Alexander purchased the tract of land of Mrs. Arnold, both of which tracts Isaac Alexander owned at his death, and upon which his widow now lives and said purchase was made in 1795.  And I also know that they arrived here the year after Wayne’s campaign against the Indians, which was in 1794.  I certify that I have no doubt that Isaac Alexander and his present widow were married before the year 1790, for they were persons of as much respect as any in the county in 1795 as husband and wife, and lived as such until the death of Isaac Alexander; and three children at the time of their arrival in this county.  This August 28, 1845.

Affidavit of Sally Taylor.  I certify that I, 56 years ago in October next, came to Kentucky and know well that Isaac Alexander resided in Mercer County, Kentucky, about 49 years ago and I will give a circumstance that confirms me in this statement.  My father hired a man as a work hand to labor on the farm, who came with Isaac Alexander from the state of Georgia, and hired him the year before my mother died, and she died 48 years ago in February last.  The man so hired by my father assisted in raising a crop before my father hired him.  When Isaac Alexander came to this country, he and his wife, who is now a widow and had two or three children when they came, they came as husband and wife and lived as such until his death.  I don’t doubt they were married prior to 1790.  This affidavit made September 4, 1845.  Said Sally Taylor, who made the above affidavit, was the widow of Leonard Taylor, deceased, who was also a Revolutionary Pensioner, and they seemed to be residents of Boyle County, Kentucky.

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