J. R. Skaggs Obituary

from The Weekly Advance

Ballard County, Kentucky

In Memory of J. R. Skaggs

On August 20, 1918, at Hinkleville, Ballard County, Kentucky, the relatives, brethren and friends were called together in a funeral service to pay the last debt the living owe to the departing brother.  J. R. Skaggs was born on February 15, 1843, and died August 19, 1918, age 75 years, 6 months and 4 days.  While in his teens he volunteered his service to the Confederate States of America, where his loyalty rendered continuous and acceptable service.  After the war he located in Ballard County and began energetically to solve the problem of life with a success socially, which made him a kind husband, devoted father, honored citizen, loyal Mason and Odd Fellow, and a public businessman of a universal good name.  In early life he became a member of the Church of God under the Christ and so remained till death.  In 1880 was married to Miss Anna Bondurant, one of Ballard County’s most amiable daughters.  From this happy union were born one daughter, Mrs. Williams, of Hinkleville, and one son, S. L. Skaggs, now in the U.S. Service.  He was for several years in public life in this county, where he won an extensive acquaintance and held a life-long friendship.

His philosophy of life was “Do you best, don’t fret.”  Taking the pointing of the index finger of temporal life as a guide, we can but say he is in the home of his Father and elder Brother, there to remain in safely till we shall meet him again.  Kind hearts watched over him in his age, ready hands ministered and a beautiful farewell was spoken by a host of appreciative citizens and friends in his interment at Hinkleville cemetery.

Now we can say:

Farewell father, brother, friend, In mem’ry we shall hold; A place for thee to the end, Where life’s story is told.

May brightest stars ever shine, From they celestial Crown; Eternal glory be thine, Nothing thy peace to drown.

W. W. Morris

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