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Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

How many times have we been told we are just like our mother – especially those of us of the female sex!  The two photos I share with you today must be mother and daughter.  Not only is their physical resemblance very much alike, but their pose in the photos, their clothing – and the fact that both photos have been trimmed in exactly the same place – probably to be put in photo albums or frames – means they are of the same family.

I would date these carte-de-visite photos (2.5 x 4 inches) to the early 1870’s.  This is the beginning of the narrower skirt, no hoops, and the beginning of the bustle!  Mother and daughter both wear a jacket with long sleeves, a stand-up collar with a white collar beneath, and white at the end of the sleeves.  The girls cuffs are made of the same matching material as the bottom of her jacket and a trim around the upper thigh of her skirt.  The mother’s jacket and skirt are very similar, except her trim appears to be of a satin material.

Our subjects are posed standing behind a chair, with their hands resting on it.  The cloth on the chair is the same in both photos.  Notice the fingers on their right hand – almost exact!  Their ears appear very similar, too.

And the photos were both taken by J. H. Meyer, No. 465 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Oh, for only a name written on the back!

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