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Pension Applications – Jefferson County, Kentucky

Pension Applications – Jefferson County, Kentucky

Henry Hawkins

Henry Hawkins, who was a Private in Captain Frederick Geiger’s Company of Volunteers in the Battle of Tippecanoe, was inscribed on the pension list of the Kentucky agency to commence on December 15, 1814.  Certificate of the pension was issued on January 2, 1816, and sent to Robert Crockett, Esquire, and agent for paying invalid pensioners, Lexington, Kentucky, on December 20, 1820.

Henry Hawkins and Frederick Geiger made affidavit for a pension in Jefferson County, Kentucky, on December 10, 1814, before James Ferguson, Justice of the Peace.  They stated that in the year 1811 a company was raised and started to Vincennes, Indiana.  That said Geiger was chosen by their company as their captain to command them and was received as such by William Henry Harrison, then Governor of said state.  That Hawkins was one of Geiger’s volunteers.  They were marched under the commands and orders of said Harrison to Tippecanoe on the Wabash.  That Hawkins was in action on November 7, 1811, in the battle at Tippecanoe between the Indians and the force under the command of said Harrison.  That said Hawkins was badly wounded in the left leg above the ankle and was so disabled he could not march and was conveyed in a wagon to Vincennes and helped in and out of the wagon and was obliged to return to his home on horseback from Vincennes.  That said Hawkins promptly performed his duty.

The above affidavit was made before James Ferguson, Justice of the Peace.

Dr. John L. Murray made affidavit of having examined the wound of Henry Hawkins and that he had been wounded by a ball passing from out the side of his left leg.  This affidavit was made on December 14, 1814, Jefferson County, Kentucky.

In Jefferson County, Kentucky, on December 14, 1814, Warden Pope made affidavit of being well acquainted with the applicant, Henry Hawkins, and to his belief in his statements.  That they became acquainted in 1783.  That said Hawkins is in moderate circumstances, and has a wife and children and depends on labor for existence.

This affidavit was certified by James Ferguson, Justice of the Peace, and Warden Pope, Clerk.

Isaac Shelby, Governor of Kentucky, made certification that James Ferguson, Esquire, was an active Justice of the Peace in said county and state.  Governor Isaac Shelby made this affidavit in Frankfort, Kentucky, on December 20, 1814.

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