Family Stories

Births – Letcher County, Kentucky

Births – Letcher County, Kentucky

  • Manerva Combs, born April 9, 1852, daughter of Edward Combs and Martha Polly
  • Manerva Stergille, born September 6, 1852, daughter of Andrew Stergille and Dica Hall
  • Minda Cornett, born September 28, 1852, daughter of Wesley Cornett and Seatta Moras
  • Henry Love (black), born September 25, 1852, owner Thomas France, mother Rachel, slave
  • James France, born August 21, 1852, son of Samuel France and Disa Hogg
  • William A. Pigman, born Jun 9, 1852, son of John B. Pigman and Nancy Cornett
  • Robert Hunnycut, born Jun 27, 1852, son of Alfred Hunnycut and Elizabeth Amburgy
  • Male, stillborn, born April 15, 1852, son of Umphary Pigman and Elizabeth Cornett
  • Male, stillborn, born September 12, 1852, son of Samuel Cordelle and Sarah Maggard
  • Reuben Hicks, born December 26, 1852, son of Jesse Hicks and Elizabeth Hughes
  • Mary Meser, born October 14, 1852, daughter of Moses Meser and Margaret Stewart
  • Nancy Mullins, born December 8, 1852, daughter of Joshua Mullins and Mary Everidge
  • Unnamed, born November 10, 1852, son of Washington Calhoun and Priscilla Collins
  • Frederick Kinser, born July 16, 1852, son of Harvey Kinser and Mary Mann
  • Matilda Everidge, born June 10, 1852, daughter of Nicholas Everidge and Susanna Watts
  • John Combs, born April 9, 1852, son of Martha Combs
  • Elizabeth Ashley, born July 26, 1852, daughter of Francis Ashley and Lucy Toliver
  • Robert H. Amburgy, born April 14, 1852, son of William Amburgy and Hannah Bentley
  • Rosannah Stamper, born November 23, 1852, daughter of Isaac D. Stamper and Mary Adams
  • Polly Adams, born September 21, 1852, daughter of Harrison Adams and Emilia Prigmore
  • John Cordelle, born February 24, 1852, son of Henry Cordelle and Elizabeth Short
  • Elizabeth Smith, born March 11, 1852, daughter of John B. Smith and Sarah Adams
  • William Amburgy, born August 26, 1852, son of Robert Amburgy and Letta Adams
  • Sarah Wilson, born April 28, 1852, daughter of Robert Wilson and Neter Lewis
  • Elizabeth Cordelle,, born May 9, 1852, daughter of Henry Cordelle and Elizabeth Robards
  • Phoebe Maggard, born July 28, 1852, daughter of David Maggard and Cassy Morris
  • Joseph Parsons, born September 5, 1852, son of David Parsons and Emeline Pruitt


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