Octagonal Confederate Soldier Memorial

IMG_1335_1This beautiful, octagonal stone in the Versailles Cemetery in Woodford County, Kentucky, is dedicated to Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War, several who died in October, 1862, after the Battle of Perryville, fought in Boyle County, Kentucky, fought October 8, 1862.

IMG_1336_1William A. Arthur, Co. D 2nd Tennessee Regiment, died November 2, 1862.  R. W. Grant, Co. H 36th Georgia Regiment, died October 29, 1862.

IMG_1337_1Jacob Thomas, Co. E 36th Georgia Regiment, died October 26, 1862.  James Holden, Co. J 4th Tennessee Regiment, died October 23, 1862.

IMG_1338_1Abraham Holbert, Co. E 36th Georgia Regiment, died October 11, 1862.  William Carter, Co. %, 30th Alabama Regiment, died October 11, 1862.

IMG_1339_1William Allen, Co. F 36th Georgia Regiment, died October 11, 1862.  Joseph Tapp

IMG_1340_1Joseph Spiva, Jackson County, Arkansas, died October 13, 1862.

IMG_1341_1C. C. Campbell, born May 3, 1816, died October 2, 1877.  He died a gentleman, a soldier and a Christian, having served his country in Mexico as Lieutenant of Co. E 3rd Kentucky Regiment and as Lieutenant Colonel 3rd Kentucky Regiment in Morgan’s Brigade.

IMG_1342_1Isaac Cole, Co. B 5th Kentucky Regiment, died September 20, 1866.

IMG_1343_1William H. Watson, 1st Georgia Cavalry Regiment, died January 3, 1863.  S. B. Rockwell, Co. A 30th Arkansas Regiment, died 1863.


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