Women’s Civil War Fashions

Women’s Civil War Fashions

I’d like to share with you some of my old photos from Civil War days – women dressed in those delightful large-skirted outfits complete with hoop-skirts.  Enjoy!

Scan_Pic0434 2This is a lovely dress, the light pattern makes it even more attractive, since many dresses were solid colors.  The bishop sleeves and white collar give us a good idea of what a day dress for this time period would look like.  On back is written, Clemmie Slatton, St. Louis.  Photo taken by W. L. Germon, No. 702 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Scan_Pic0481 2Another gorgeous dress.  Notice the bell sleeves with white under-sleeves.  Although very simple, adorned with no jewelry except her ring, this woman makes quite a statement.

Scan_Pic0521 2Notice the decoration on the upper and lower sleeves – and the mourning necklace.  J. M. Dunlop, September 18, 1866.  Photo taken by Southwell Brothers, 16 & 22 Baker Street, London, England.

Scan_Pic0523 2Dress with a bit more decorations across the bodice and on the sleeves.  Lizzie Dunlop, October, 1865.   Could this be a daughter of the woman pictured above?  The handwriting looks very similar.  Photo taken by McHenry Mullins, 230 Regent Street, London, England.

Scan_Pic0508 2Two sisters, perhaps?  They don’t look entirely happy!

Scan_Pic0728 2And finally, a lady complete with bonnet and cloak.  I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s fashion show.

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  1. Yes, those sisters look sad.. Could be those corsets! LoL, hard to breath. 😊
    The lady with the morning necklace you spoke of, could that be a magnifying glass ? I have one almost identical , minus the chain.

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