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1904 Newspaper Ads

I love reading the old newspapers, not only for the information about births, deaths and marriages, but also for the ads depicting pricing and items available during the time period!  Enjoy this trip back to 1904 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky!

The Bourbon News, Paris, Kentucky

February 23, 1904

Scan_Pic1487 1Latest Fashion Notes

Simple and rich is the street costume here depicted.  It is fashioned of deep red zibeline cloth; the jacket, following the newest mode, is cut without a collar and has a Diretoire front which may be worn open or closed.  The fronts, poke and wide turn back cuffs, are of heavy white broadcloth, embroidered with black Corticelli filo silk.  Black passementerie ornaments and black mohair braid are used for the further garniture.

Braids and buttons play a most important part on gowns.  The braids are simply beautiful in their varied design.  Black and white silk braids in curved designs are very handsome.  One style of braid on a gown is out of the question; at least three, or even five, are seen.  Fancy silk braids are combined with different widths of soutache, all carefully stitched down with Corticelli silk.  Disks of black silk soutache are used a great deal.  Another combination is heavy black silk braid embroidered in chenille.

Scan_Pic1487 2Not sure if Douglas Thomas is selling horses, or willing to train them – what do you think?

Scan_Pic1487 4This is a happy New year with us, and we feel that we can make others happy.  We believe in ‘Live and Let Live,’ so we announce that we have purchased N. H. Marscoffsky’s stock of several thousand dollars’ worth of First-Class Clothing, Shoes and Hats and High-Grade Furnishing Goods that he had bought for this winter’s business.  We bought the stock at 70 cents on the dollar and we will let it go at 75 cents on the dollar.  We have to do this to get rid of it in a few days.  We invite everybody to come soon and get the first pick.  Come with your wagon, come with your surrey, and come with your buggy.  You will certainly load them up after you see the prices on the goods.  Below we quote a few prices.  We will also put in some of our stock that we are anxious to close out.  Merchants are also invited that need to refill their stock after the holidays.  We feel that it will certainly pay.

  • Mens Jeans Pants only 60c a pair
  • $2.00 Corduroy Pants, $1.25
  • $1.50 Cassimere Pant, $1.00
  • All wool Suits, sold at $6.00, now $2.50
  • $7.50 Suits, at $3.50
  • Overcoats, sold at &7.50, now $4.00
  • $3.00 Knee Suits at $1.48
  • 25 dozen 75c Top Shirts at 38c
  • 35c Neckties at 19cCalicoes, 4c a yard
  • Dress Goods, sold at 35c, now 19c
  • Misses’ $3.00 Jackets, $1.50

C.O. D. Store, Main Street, opposite Court House

Scan_Pic1488 1We have a nice line of Coffees and can suit anyone both in quality and price.  We are sole agents for ‘Morning Joy’ Mocha and Java Coffee, packed in 2-lb cans.  Guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded.  Try a can.  Everything new and fresh in the Grocery Line.  Baird & Taylor

Scan_Pic1488 3Examine our Shores – yes, examine them!  look them over slowly, carefully, critically.  Then come in and tell us what you think about them.  All leathers, including Patent and Enamel; all shapes for both street and dress wear.  try our Shoes.  Thomson

Scan_Pic1488 5Midway hemp brakes, Kentucky River cultivated hemp seed, home-grown clover seed, seed oats. Charles S. Brent and Brother

Scan_Pic1488 2Ladies, don’t miss this sale.  Our stock is all new, no old goods, anything you buy will be at a lower price than you can get the same values elsewhere.  Freeman and Freeman, 334 Main Street, Paris, Kentucky.

  • Table linens reduced from $1.75 to $1.35
  • Taffeta Silks reduced from $1.50 to $1.18
  • Gents’ Hose reduced from 35c to 18c
  • Outing Cloth reduced from 10c to 8c
  • Gents’ Shirts reduced from $1.00 to 75c
  • Corsets reduced from $1.50 to $1.18
  • Union Suits, Oneita, reduced from 50c to 38c
  • Seam Braid reduced from 10c to 7 1/2c


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  1. Douglas Thomas is charging a stud fee for his stallion. The return privilege means if the mare didn’t get pregnant, she would get the next breeding attempt for free.

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