E. C. Spiceland Biography

Anything with the name ‘Linton’ intrigues me!  Still not sure about the history of Linton Precinct in Trigg County!

from Kentucky – A History of the State by Perrin, 1884

County of Trigg, Linton Precinct

E. C. Spiceland was born in Stewart County, Tennessee, June 1, 1826, and is a son of Sanford and M. (Copeland) Spiceland, natives of Northampton County, North Carolina.  In 1845 our subject went to Canton, and kept the ferry for one year; the following year he ran a saloon.  In 1847, he enlisted in the Mexican War and remained about three months; served, while out, in the Quartermaster Department.  On his return to Canton he clerked for W. D. Grace.  In 1850 he moved to Cadiz and there clerked for William Sorey & Company.  After remaining there one year, he returned to Canton, where he clerked in a warehouse.  In 1854 he began merchandising for himself, and remained in business at that point until the breaking out of war.  In 1862, he enlisted in Company L, of the Eighth Kentucky Cavalry.  He went out as Lieutenant, and was afterward made Regimental Quartermaster.  He returned to Canton in September, 1863, and in partnership with John D. Tyler ran a warehouse.  On January 1, 1866, he came to Linton, and began merchandising.  At this place he has since been engaged in business.  In 1875 he took his son, S. L. Spiceland, into the business as partner.  The firm now carries a stock of about $10,000.  Soon after he came to Linton he was appointed Postmaster and held the office until about 1875.  Since that time the position has been filled by his son.  Mr. Spiceland married in 1848 to Miss Martha Ross, daughter of Kenneth Ross, of Tennessee.  She was born in Stewart County, and died in April, 1866.  She left three children – one son and two daughters.  Mr. Spiceland was next married in July, 1866, to Miss Mary Scudder, a daughter of P. P. Scudder.  She died in 1871, and in 1872 Mr. Spiceland married Miss Martha Barte, a daughter of A. J. Barte; they have five children living  – two sons and three daughters.  Subject is a member of the Baptist church; has served as Magistrate of the county.  In politics he is identified with the Republican Party.


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