Distinguished Gentleman Photo – But Who Is He?

Scan_Pic1510One of my finds while in Cincinnati the end of march.  This photo was in an oval frame.  I call it a photo, but it actually looks more like an engraving.  With the signature it looks very similar to those photos in the 1884-1887 W. H. Perrin biography books!  I’m sure every state had something similar that was published.

Scan_Pic1512I believe the initials are S. Y., but the last name has me puzzled!  I think it starts with ‘C’ but could possibly be ‘J’.  Any ideas?

Scan_Pic1511 2Hopefully we can uncover the identity of this distinguished gentleman!

13 thoughts on “Distinguished Gentleman Photo – But Who Is He?”

  1. I found him. Samuel Goodlove Cosgrove born in Ohio in April 1847. Served as the sixth governor of Washington state. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University. The same picture is on Wikipedia. Check it out. 🙂

      1. Samuel is my husband’s gg uncle. I think I’ve it correct. Samuel’s brother Wilson was my husbands great grandfather. If you have any information about him and any prior Cosgrove’s( Elliott(ab1814)and Henry(ab1785)) I’d appreciate it.

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