Happy Birthday Kentucky Kindred!

Kentucky Kindred Genealogy is four years old today!  I remember writing my first blog, enjoying it, but thinking no one would read it!  Thanks to all of you for following the blog!  I sincerely hope you have found help towards your genealogy research.  Genealogy is my passion – if you haven’t noticed! – and I intend to continue and hopefully make the blog better as the years go on!  Thanks for being a big part of Kentucky Kindred Genealogy!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kentucky Kindred!”

  1. Oodles and oodles of thanks, Phyllis! Immeasurable service and love. And to your husband too with all of your field trips!. You act also as liaison to my old homes in Central Kentucky. Colette Anne Davis

  2. Thank you so much for writing the blogs. I enjoy them so much and every morning look forward to see what is waiting for all of us lucky readers. Please keep up your fun, interesting and helpful blogs. Marilyn

  3. I enjoy your blogs and always look for names pertaining to my own genealogy. Also enjoy the old photos you post at times. Thank you for all the information.

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