Family Stories

Births – Ballard County, Kentucky

Births – Ballard County, Kentucky

  • William H. Moyres, male, born February 12, 1852, son of John Moyres and Margareth Burrow
  • Barbara A. Willingham, female, born December 15, 1852, daughter of George Willingham and Esther Peck
  • Not named, female, dead, born December 23, 1852, daughter of William V. R. Wilson and Martha A. Samuels
  • Martha E. Clapp, female, July 6, 1852, daughter of D. H. Clapp and Drabenia Robertson
  • Robert Crooks, male, born January 19, 1852, son of R. F. Crooks and Chary D.
  • Josephine, female, mulatto, born January 5, 1852, owner M. Scarboro, mother’s name not given
  • David M. Stall, male, born June 13, 1852, son of William W. Stall and Obedience W.
  • John S. Sowe, male, born October 20, 1852, son of Joel A. Sowe and Frances R.
  • John S. Jackson, male, born June 11, 1852, son of Ephraim Jackson and Elizabeth.
  • Joab Burgess, male, born December 1, 1852, son of Thomas H. Burgess and Elizabeth
  • Virginia Ashbrooks, female, born February 23, 1852, daughter of Daniel Ashbrooks and Sarah A. Green
  • Wilson Henderson, male, born December 5, 1852, son of Robert Henderson and Nancy
  • Mary, mulatto, female, born February 6, 1852, owner Abraham Weldon, mother’s name not given
  • John W. West, male, born January 1852, son of John West and Sarah
  • Susan McDaniel, female, born December 14, 1852, daughter of Aaron McDaniel and Nancy Chenault
  • Eliza A. Watson, female, born June 13, 1852, daughter of Enoch F. Watson and Elizabeth McDaniel
  • Rebecca Wright, female, born January 22, 1852, daughter of David and Mary A. Wright
  • William J. Rose, male, born October 8, 1852, son of James M. Rose and Lucy E. Adams
  • Willis J. Smith, male, born Giles County, Tennessee, son of George W. and Louisa Smith
  • Jane E. Watson, female, born October 6, 1852, daughter of Abraham Watson and Sarah Fulgham
  • John T. Woods, male, born July 1, 1852, son of Simon Woods and Jane E. Sutes

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