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The Five John Pearce Campbells

Scan_Pic1560 1Five Generations of John P. Campbells

from A History of Christian County Kentucky from Oxcart to Airplane

John Pearce Campbell I, known as “Captain Campbell,” came from Orange County, Virginia.  He was one of the earliest settlers of Christian County.  Born April 23, 1788.  Married Mary Aylette Buckner.  Documents extant show that on October 31, 1816, he was given power of attorney by Thomas Barbour, Governor of Virginia, to represent him throughout the Mississippi Valley in all matters pertaining to lands.  In 1826 he represented Christian County in the legislature.  He was organizer and first president of Branch Bank of Kentucky, the first bank in Hopkinsville, now known as The Bank of Hopkinsville.  He was a benefactor of Bethel College.

His father, William Campbell (December 12, 1755 – October 29, 1825) and mother, Susana Pearce (April 10, 1764 – March 13, 1852), lived at Campbellton, Orange County, Virginia, and were neighbors of President Thomas Jefferson.  William Campbell served in the Revolution and is referred to as “Colonel.”  Several of their children were early settlers in Christian County.  Brothers and sisters of Captain John Campbell were:  Frederick Woodson Campbell, May 14, 1808-.  Elizabeth Watkins Campbell, August 16, 1786 – February 23, 1787.  Mildred Pearce Campbell, February 15, 1792 -.  Aria Campbell (Welch), December 12, 1796 – .  William Campbell, January 29, 1798 – .  America Campbell, December 10, 1800 – .  Eliza Frances Campbell, December 12, 1802 – .  Catherine Hart Campbell (William Dulaney), May 17, 1790 – .  Susana Campbell (Charles Graves), September 1, 1804 – .  Virginia Campbell (Mrs. Leon H. Maury).  Captain John P. Campbell’s paternal grandfather was James Campbell, of Virginia, and his maternal grandmother was Sarah Merriweather Pearce, the daughter of Mary Bushrod Merriweather.  His uncles were named James, Joseph and John; an aunt, Elizabeth (Gibbs).  Colonel William Campbell had half brothers named Hugh and Wiley, and half sisters named Annie, Fannie, Nancy and Lucy.

John Pearce Campbell II was born December 8, 1820, in Christian County.  Educated Hopkinsville, studied law in the office of Joseph B. Crockett.  Entered practice at Lexington, Missouri.  Elected to Missouri Legislature; re-elected 1850.  Returned to Hopkinsville and elected to United States House of Representatives in 1855.  He was president of Henderson and Nashville Railroad.  He was married in 1856 to May Boyd Faulkner, of Virginia, daughter of Charles James Faulkner.  Ambassador to France and later General Stonewall Jackson’s Chief of Staff.  Major John Pearce Campbell died in Hopkinsville October 29, 1888.

John Pearce Campbell III was born September 15, 1867, at “Boydville,” Martinsburg, West Virginia.  Educated at Hopkinsville.  Many years associated with Bank of Hopkinsville.  Married Bertie Fowler, of Paducah, Kentucky, who died in 1907.  Only child a son, John.  Later moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where he was prominent in social and business circles.  In 1908 married Mary Bowie Johnson, granddaughter of United States Senator Reverdy Johnson, of Maryland.  Died at Annapolis, Maryland, July 5, 1915.

John Pearce Campbell IV was born July 24, 1892, at the old Campbell home on Main Street in Hopkinsville.  Married Sara Smith, of Paducah, in 1914.  Their two children are Laura Fowler and John.  Enlisted in the army in1918.  Lives near Chicago.

John Pearce Campbell V was born December 8, 1917, at Paducah, Kentucky.  Is now a manly boy of twelve years.  Attends Junior High School at Evanston, Illinois.  A good student, active in athletics, he has evidenced traits of industry and determination that bid fair to equip him to make a success of that profession or vocation which he will later choose.

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