Paulina Clay Rodes Field and Family at Richmond Cemetery


During our visit to the Richmond Cemetery in Madison County, Kentucky, Ritchey and I found this beautiful stone, a young mother and child floating on a cloud, and I had to find out more about this family!


William Rodes, born February 24, 1794, died October 17, 1877.  Distinguished Citizen of  rare culture and a patriotic son, was born, lived and died in Madison County, served her people in many responsible positions of honor and usefulness with great fidelity.  Paulina Green Clay, wife of William Rodes, 1802-1886.

William Rodes married Paulina Green Clay November 3, 1819, in Madison County, Kentucky.  There they set up housekeeping and raised their children.  In the 1850 census, after 31 years of marriage, William Rodes is listed at age 56; Paulina, 48; Isabella, 18; and Paulina, 12.  Also living in the household were son-in-law Robert H. Stone, 29, a merchant; Eliza, 27; and grandchildren Sally, 5; William, 3; and James, 1.  In addition son-in-law Robert S. Breck, 29, a preacher; Martha, 23; and grandchildren Paulina, 2, and William, 1/12.  Other children in the family were grown and married with households of their own.


Paulina Clay, wife of Christopher J. Field, and daughter of W. & P. G. Rodes, born June 28, 1838, died April 13, 1860, and her infant daughter the same day.

Daughter Paulina married Christopher J. Field on her 21st birthday, June 28, 1859.  Unfortunately her subsequent pregnancy must have had complications and she and her daughter died the same day, April 13, 1860.  What a beautiful monument for mother and child.  Paulina must have been greatly missed.

In the 1860 census William and Paulina Rodes are living alone, aged 66 and 59, respectively.

In 1870 son-in-law John Harvie McDowell, 45, a broker, lives with William, 76, and Paulina, 68, along with his wife Belle (Isabella).  Grandchildren Joseph McDowell, 13; Rodes, 11; Henry, 7; and G. Clay, 1, complete the household.

William Rodes died October 17, 1877, at the age of 86.  Paulina continued to live with the McDowell’s, and is listed in the 1880 census with them aged 78!  Two more daughters were born to John and Belle McDowell – Mattie, 8, and Belle, 3.

Paulina Green Clay Rodes died in December of 1886, at the age of 84.


Belle Rodes McDowell, 1832-1915

The two youngest daughters of William and Pauline Rodes must have been very close in life – because after 55 years of being apart, Belle was buried by the side of her sister Paulina, after her death October 15, 195.  Belle’s husband, John McDowell, is buried beside her.


John Harvie McDowell, 1826-1883

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