Ray and Pearl Anderson Gordon

Scan_Pic1624 1This is a lovely photo I found on some of our travels.  Let me introduce you to Ray and Pearl Anderson Gordon.  They are such a handsome couple!  His black suit and white shirt and bow tie, and her beautiful white, lacy dress and shoes with little bows!    What was the occasion?

I did a search but was unable to come up with anything!  That does happen sometimes!

Scan_Pic1625Thankfully we know who they are due to someone adding the names on front!  Always a pleasant surprise!

Scan_Pic1626And we know the photographer – Peelstrom – and that the photography shop was in Madrid, Iowa – which is in Boone County.  I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Gordon lived in the area – although perhaps in a neighboring county.

Scan_Pic1627Another interesting part of this photo is the red seal – was this particular to Mr. Peelstrom, or did it have another significance?

Scan_Pic1628Do any of you know Ray and Pearl?  I would love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “Ray and Pearl Anderson Gordon”

  1. I thought the photograph and information were so interesting. Since you could not find any information on this couple, I wondered if their names might have been Ray and Pearl(Gordon) Anderson. In the 1940 census, I found a Ray Anderson and wife Pearl living in Kedron, Woodbury, Iowa. He was age 31, born in Iowa and was a farmer. He and Pearl age 34 had 2 children Duane age 8 and Lois age 7. There was another Ray Anderson married to a Pearl but they lived in Minnesota so I did not think that was the couple. Marilyn

  2. I’m thinking Anderson was her missed name.

    I found the following couple buried in the same city you mentioned on the picture. It could be them.

    Pearl F. Gordon
    Born: August 7, 1898
    Death: April 20, 1994

    Buried : Hillsdale Cemetery
    Boone County
    Iowa , USA


    H. Ray Gordon
    Born: January 30, 1895
    Death: Feb. 3, 1977

    Found this in Find a grave: # 90955314

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