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Dexter Family Civil War Era Photos

Scan_Pic1637 1Mrs. John G. Wood

Ritchey and I purchased the three photos I’m sharing with you today at an antique store in Ohio.  I was intrigued that the name Dexter is written on all three photos, in the same handwriting as the name of each woman.  Also written on the back of the first and second photo is ‘dead’.  I take that to mean that when the names were added these women had already passed on.

All photos were taken by Charles S. Hart in Watertown, New York.

Mrs. John G. Wood is the oldest of the three, my guess would be she is in her 40’s.  She is very nicely dressed, her dress having bishop sleeves and buttons up the bodice.  Her white collar is adorned with a beautiful brooch – perhaps it was passed down through the generations?

Scan_Pic1638 1Mrs. J. B. Dekin

I’m not positive about the spelling of the last name for our second woman – very difficult to read.  She, too, is very nicely dressed.  Her sleeves fit tight from the elbow down, and balloon at the top – with what looks like velvet as decoration.  She is also wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry at her waist – it looks like a brooch with a chain.

Scan_Pic1636 1Mrs. Frank Wood Dexter

The youngest of the group, Mrs. Dexter, is also the sister-in-law of Sylverine – according to the back of the photo.  She wears a lovely outfit of the huge skirt of the time with attached ruffles of a different color.  Her white blouse very nicely shows off the bolero jacket with scalloped edges, that she wears.  The brooch at her throat is white.

Unfortunately I could find no additional information on these three women.  Are they in your family tree?

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