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August 14th Marriages – Washington County

Washington County, Kentucky – Marriages

August 14th

Jonathan Clampett married Nancy Catlin 14 Aug 1797
Jacob Renly married Catherine Burns 14 Aug 1806
Thomas Yocum married Elizabeth Berry 14 Aug 1814
George Gootee married Mary Burris 14 Aug 1818
John B. Boulds married Mary Quiggins 14 Aug 1820
Thomas Lefler married Mary Hungate 14 Aug 1821
Eleazer Moore married Matilda Jeffries 14 Aug 1827
John L. Gordon married Nancy Ward 14 Aug 1829
Thomas J. Montgomery married Sarah E. Hardin 14 Aug 1839
Archibald W. Burress married Margaret Reed 14 Aug 1848
Milton Hobbs married Eliza Bishop 14 Aug 1853
William H. Bond married Sarah Walker 14 Aug 1860
Levi Cary married Melissa Ann Keeling 14 Aug 1860
Squire Tatum married Sarah Bell Cotton 14 Aug 1866
William H. Powell married Mary E. Riney 14 Aug 1871
Mallory Freeman married Josephine Bruner 14 Aug 1873
Samuel Leachman married Katie Graves 14 Aug 1874
Sam Trigg married Edith Smith 14 Aug 1874
Joshua Cumley married Esther Jane Webb 14 Aug 1879
George Sutherland married Mary Ann Moberly 14 Aug 1879
Robert Swann married George Ann Barbour 14 Aug 1879
Abram S. Kays married Mariah B. Dedman 14 Aug 1881
Samuel Hardin married Sallie Keeling 14 Aug 1884
William H. Hardin married Amanda E. Hendrix 14 Aug 1884
Matthew Lake married Violet A. Robinson 14 Aug 1884
J. F. Hays married Loulie Lair 14 Aug 1889
David Pinkston married Ann T. Shewmaker 14 Aug 1892

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  1. I need to prove that Joseph Whelan Gootee is the son of George Sebastian Gootee and Mary Polly Burris (Burns). I believe Joseph Whelan Gootee was born in Washington County, Kentucky. His parents are buried at St. Rose. Later, Joseph Whelan Gootee moved to Marion County, Kentucky. He married Rose Ann Fields. Please help me! Donna S. Jones

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