Hawkins Family Buried In Richmond Cemetery

IMG_3548Nicholas C. Hawkins, born October 25, 1837, died October 25, 1865.  Melissa W. Hawkins, wife of J. Lawrence Jones, born April 4, 1841, died February 22, 1874

An entire family is buried at the foot of this large monument raised to their honor – father, mother, two sons, two daughters, and a son-in-law.

IMG_3551Cary A. Hawkins, born May 11, 1807, died August 27, 1877.  Celia Walker, wife of C. A. Hawkins, born August 24, 1807, died February 5, 1870.

Cary A. Hawkins and Celia Walker were married September 7, 1829, in Madison County, Kentucky.  In the 1850 census they were listed with their four children:  Cary, 43; Celia, 41; Jason, 20; Lucy, 15; Nicholas, 11; and Melissa, 8.  By 1860 the two oldest were married, leaving Cary, 53; Celia, 51; Nicholas, 21; and Melissa 18.

IMG_3550William Jason Hawkins, born July 6, 1830, died July 14, 1878

I could find no information about the marriage of William Jason Hawkins.  It is possible, if he were married, his wife married again after his death at the young age of 48.

IMG_3552Dr. Will Jennings, born June 10, 1827, died July 18, 1892.  Lucy Hawkins, wife of Dr. Will Jennings, born May 5, 1834, died October 15, 1897.

Lucy survived her parents, siblings and husband.  Perhaps it was she – or her children – who raised this stone to their memory.

Any thoughts?

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