Old Photos

The Sherman Family – 1890

Scan_Pic1647 1I have a wonderful photo to share with you today!  This is the Sherman family – Dan and Rosie with their three children – Eve, sitting in her father’s lap, Olive and Chad.  What a charming family photo!

On back is written 1880 – but I cannot believe this to be correct.  Notice the mother’s ‘leg-o-mutton’ sleeves – typical 1890’s.  Even the elder daughter has similar sleeves.  Chad is wearing a ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’ suit – with the knee britches and large bow at the neck, another fashion of the 1890’s for little boys.  The only person not fitting the 1890’s in their clothing is the father – suits during this decade were much more close fitting, with small lapels that buttoned at the top.  But not everyone could afford new fashions, and clothes could be held over from earlier days.

I could find no information about this family, but no place name is given.  Does anyone know any more information about the Sherman’s?

Any thoughts?

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