Old Millersburg Cemetery – Martin Family

IMG_2889The Old Millersburg Cemetery is located on US68 just over the line from Bourbon to Nicholas County.  I’ve written about this cemetery several times because it is so unusual, and one of my favorites!  As you can see from the above photo the original cemetery was surrounded by a rock wall, with the entrance from the road, as seen below.  At some point this part of the rock wall was opened to allow more burials.  From the above photo you can see the Martin family buried in the first row, with the rounded stone to the left belonging to Hiram Martin

IMG_2916Front entrance to cemetery


Edmund Martin departed this life November 28, 1811.  Aged 65 years.

Edmund Martin was a Revolutionary War soldier.  He served as a private in the Sussex County, New Jersey, militia receiving certificate #577, dated May 1, 1784.  In yesterday’s post of his will, we learned at his death he had four sons, Edmund, Micajah, Jeremiah and Elijah, and four daughters Nancy Aultic, Rachel Rees, Milly Bland and Hannah Porter.  One daughter was deceased at that time since he left land to his son-in-law Eli Huron.


Susan, wife of Edmund Martin, Senior, departed this life July 18, 1821.  Aged 62 years.

Edmund Martin, son of Edmund Martin, Senior, is buried at the side of his father.


Edmund Martin, born April 29, 1789, died May 27, 1863


Rebecca, wife of Edmund Martin, born December 27, 1791, died November 23, 1865

Three children of the younger Edmund Martin and wife Rebecca are also buried in Old Millersburg Cemetery.


Margaret F., wife of Rev. C. King and daughter of Edmund and Rebecca Martin, born February 17, 1833, died March 22, 1854

Daughter Margaret was so young when she died, 21 years of age.  Perhaps she died during childbirth.


Hiram Martin, born October 10, 1816, died June 30, 1838

Hiram was the eldest son of Edmund and Rebecca.  He, too, died at a very young age, 21.  Notice his footstone leaning on his grave marker.


J. J. Martin, born January 26, 1823 – March 30, 1881

Jeremiah John Martin, son of Edmund and Rebecca, was named for his uncle.


Nancy J. Martin, October 23, 1823 – November 21, 1893

Nancy was the wife of Jeremiah John Martin.

Thus is the story of a family by the name of Martin, who fought in the Revolutionary War, and eventually moved their family from Sussex County, New Jersey to Nicholas County, Kentucky.  A similar story that was played out by many families during the early years of our country!  Does anyone have more information on this family?

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  1. Beautiful place … But be careful it is a snake breeding ground… Not only did we walk up on one copper head but a multiple of. 3 different ones after that we were out of there ..

  2. Edmund Martin was my 4th Great Grandfather. I just found out that this is the resting place of a big group of the Martins. Thank you for posting these beautiful, detailed photographs. I live out of state and hope to visit next summer.

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