Old Cynthiana Cemetery – Part One

IMG_3128The old Cynthiana Cemetery in Harrison County is very quiet and shady, as a cemetery should be!  However, many of the stones are no longer standing.  I’d like to share what we found during our visit last year.

Cynthiana was first settled in 1775 by Captain John Hinkston and a group of 15 men from Pennsylvania.   The land for the city of Cynthiana was donated by Robert Harrison and named for his two daughters Cynthia and Anna.

IMG_3122In memory of Miles Tomlin who departed this July 26, 1838 in the 40th year of his age.

IMG_3124In memory of my father Lawson Oxley born November 13, 1818, died May 5, 1866

IMG_3125Joshua Jones died July 8th 1833 in the 57th year of his age.

IMG_2028W. H. Adair, born June 19, 1821, died January 30, 1861.

IMG_3131Dr. D. L. Ormsby and Little Emma

IMG_2014David L. Ormsby, born in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, April 22, 1822, died March 11, 1853.  Emma, daughter of D. L. and L. A. Ormsby, born July 29, 1849, died May 28, 1854.

IMG_2017Joseph C. Veach died June 5, 1849, aged 55 years, 2 months and 15 days

IMG_2020Martha D. January, Elizabeth T. Hall, James Thomas January, son of Samuel F. and Martha D. January, July 4, 1845 – February 17, 1861

IMG_2022Martha D. January, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hall, died May 9, 1846, in the 25th year of her age.

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