Old Photos

Little Girls in Photos – 1890’s to 1900

Scan_Pic1666 1I have three photos to share with you today – all of little girls – taken around 1890-1900 (my best guess!).  This little one’s dress is quite decorative with beading on the bodice and sleeves.  The large puffed sleeves have an additional three inch of lace!  Her hair is curled in long rolls – much like my own daughter when she was young!  Photo taken by Stanton Photography, ground floor studio opposite the cathedral in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Scan_Pic1665 1These two little ones are super cute!  The youngest is adorable in her paid dress!  The older girl has the long curls and bangs similar to the first photo.  Ethel and Hazel is written on back!  H. P. Pitcher, photographer, Conneaut, Ohio.

Scan_Pic1667 1And finally we have this cutie!  Plaid dress and lace collar – and little boots!  She is young enough to still have chubby cheeks!  This is perhaps my favorite of the three, although all are very special!  Photo by R. F. Krumhar and Company, 548–554 Pearl Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

Does anyone recognize these little girls?

Any thoughts?

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