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Vital Statistics – Births – Marion County

Vital Statistics – Births – 1852

Marion County, Kentucky

Sepmia Baldy, d/o W. H. and Mary McCubbins Baldy, residence near Liberty Meeting House 6 Feb 1852
Quineran Beadles, s/o Thomas and Lucinda Dollins Beadles, residence near Melborn Mills 27 Sep 1852
? Bealles, d/o George S. and Catherine Sapp Bealles May 1852
Melissa Biggers, d/o Joseph and Polly Coolley Biggers 15 Mar 1852
Sarah M. Biggers, d/o William and Sarah Hughes Biggers 5 Apr 1852
Mary L. Biggs, d/o William and Anastaire Cooper Biggs 29 Apr 1852
John H. Blair, s/o Sylvester and Mary C. Blair 15 Jun 1852
Mary F. Bland, d/o B. and B. Glazebrook Bland, residence Popes Creek 12 May 1852
Mary L. Bland, d/o Henry and Elizabeth Abell Bland, residence Popes Creek 21 Apr 1852
Virgie McKnight Bradshaw, s/o Clayborn and Nancy Shockley Bradshaw, residence near Riley’s Mill 6 Nov 1852
? Brewer, d/o Samuel and Mary A. Cissell Brewer 27 Sep 1852
Eliza M. Bright, d/o David A. and Sarah A. Jett Bright 25 Sep 1852
Frances B. Brown, d/o Richard and Teresa C. Whalen Brown 16 Apr 1852
William C. Brown, s/o Buford and Elizabeth J. Edmonson Brown 16 Jun 1852
Georgia Ann Brown, d/o John and Mary C. Sims Brown 17 Sep 1852
William D. Brown, s/o J. D. and Dorothea Ann Crowdus Brown 20 Mar 1852
Thomas Browning, s/o Thomas and Nancy Carrico Browning, residence near Cissells Creek Mar 1852
Mary E. Bryant, d/o Benjamin and Althaire Spalding Bryant 7 Jan 1852
Martha Butcher, d/o Jacob and Mary Bard Butcher, residence near Bradfordsville 25 May 1852

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