Woodford County Marriage Records

Marriage Records

Woodford County, Kentucky

William Abbott married Margaret Campbell 28 Dec 1796
Joshua Abner married Eliza Ann Hunly 23 Jul 1836
Joshua Ackland married Rosanna McCoy 23 Dec 1859
John Adams married Eliza Bledsoe 30 Nov 1798
Thomas Adams married Docia Tippett 19 Oct 1807
Hawkins Adams married Elizabeth Raine 08 Jul 1812
Robert Adams married Nancy Thompson 08 Apr 1816
William A. Adams married Elizabeth Serce 01 Jul 1836
Larkin N. Akin married Sallie Harrison 23 Apr 1817
Henry Alcorn married Frances Payne 01 May 1821
Edwin Alexander married Phoebe Mullican 08 Nov 1798
John L. Alexander married Margaret D. Dunn 18 Sep 1827
Newton Alexander married Olivia Stoutt 31 Oct 1843
John Allen married Alice McCoy ?? May 1793
Robert Allen married Martha Allen 14 Aug 1823
John Allen married Caroline E. Quarles 07 Jan 1834
Lewis Allen married Lucy Dawson 25 Oct 1836
William Allen married Mary Jane Atkins 20 Oct 1838
Lewis Allen married Sarah F. Ramsey 20 May 1840
James Allen married Sarah A. Young 26 Dec 1843
John Allen married Fanny S. Jennings 19 Jun 1850
Nelson F. Alley married Minerva Laws 21 Sep 1847
James Allison married Lettice Ray 21 Sep 1791
Smith F. Alverson married Susan C. Davis 08 Nov 1849
John Amos married Mary E. Chancey 02 Aug 1849

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