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Mrs. I. M. Cunningham Biography

from History of Bourbon,  Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, by Perrin, 1882

Bourbon County

Mrs. I. M. Cunningham, farming; P. O. Clintonville; born, December, 1818, in Sandersville Precinct, in Fayette County, daughter of James W. Henderson, son of Thomas, who came from Pennsylvania to Kentucky in the early part of Fayette County’s history.  The mother of our subject was Betsy, daughter of James and Margaret (McCollough) Hill; both are families of Scotch-Irish descent.  Mrs. Cunningham is now the sole surviving member of seven children:  John, James, Samuel, William, Daniel, Sallie and Isabella M.  John died when he attained his manhood; William became a physician and settled in Covington; Samuel removed to Clark County; the others settled in Fayette County.  The parents of the above were staunch members of the Presbyterian Church, of old “secular” stock.  January 4, 1837, she married Thomas L. Cunningham, who was born, 1810, in Clark County, this state.  After marriage, located in Fayette County, where they remained until 1842, and engaged in farming and stock raising – he died in April, 1862; was member and Elder of the Presbyterian Church.  She has six children:  Mary, who is the wife of H. C. Hutchcraft; Margaret married W. O. Shropshire; Amelia, wife of William Haley, of Fayette; boys are:  Isaac, James and Thomas L.  Mrs. Cunningham and all her family are members of the same church as Mr. Cunningham.  Her farm consists of 330 acres, which she still carries on with the assistance of her sons.

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