Family Stories

Aaron Spalding Pension Application

Aaron Spalding, S37441, Maryland

Washington County, Kentucky, August 10, 1819, Age 67.

Enlisted one year, January 1, 1776, in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, commanded by Captain John Allen Thomas, under Colonel Smallwood, in the line of the State of Maryland Continental Establishment and served until July 6, 1783, when he was discharged on James Island, South Carolina.  He was in the battles of Long Island, White Plains, Monmouth, Brandywine, Germantown, Gates Camden, Builford, Eutaw Springs, Cowpens.

Affidavit of James Dowling, made oath that he served as a private soldier during the greater part of the Revolutionary War and knew Aaron Spalding as a private soldier during this time.  Dowling was in service and believe his statements made by Aaron Spalding.  This affidavit made August 10, 1819.

Aaron Spalding made application in Washington County, Kentucky, July 10, 1820, in open court, age 68, resident of said county, states that he enlisted in St. Mary’s County in January 1776, under Captain John Allen Thomas as a private in Colonel William Smallwood’s regiment and served until July, 1783.  He did not have much property, one old horse, 2 cows, etc.

Affidavit of Mark McPherson, who served with Aaron Spalding, enlisted in the Revolutionary War, 1776, in the first Maryland Regiment and continued in the service during the war with him, and at the end of the war he was first Sargent in his company.  This February 25, 1818, signed, Mark McPherson.

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