Lafayette Wiley Obituary

IMG_2233Lafayette Wiley, 1867-1911.  New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

A perpetual calendar is a handy thing to have when trying to figure out a date from the past – or the future.  In the following obituary it says Mr. Layafette Wiley died Saturday – and the paper was printed on Friday, September 1, 1911.  Going to the calendar for that year gives us his date of death – August 26, 1911.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, September 1, 1911

Mr. Lafayette Wiley, one of the most highly respected citizens of the Salvisa neighborhood, died Saturday after a week’s illness of typhoid fever.  Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the Salvisa Methodist Church by Rev. Matthews, assisted by Rev. Wells, and the burial took place in Providence Cemetery.  Mr. Wiley was about forty years old and had many warm friends.  He was buried with Masonic rites.  Two sisters and two brothers survive him.  He had lived with Mr. K. S. Woods for eighteen years, and the family extend thanks to many friends for kindness shown.

Any thoughts?

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