Ann McAfee Obituary

To visit Providence Cemetery in Mercer County is a step back in time.  Some of the earliest settlers to Kentucky came to this area to make their home – in the days when Indians still roamed this land and wanted to keep their hunting grounds.  One of those early families, the McAfee’s, is represented in the following obituary.  Many other members of the family are buried in this cemetery.


Ann E. McAfee, August 10, 1814 – October 5, 1898.  Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Saturday, October 8, 1898

Mrs. Ann McAfee, an aged and highly respected lady, died Wednesday, at her late home near Salvisa. She was eighty-five years old and was truly a mother in Israel, for she had been a devout member of the Presbyterian Church for about seventy years. She was twice married, her second husband, Captain John McAfee, a son of one of the pioneer brothers of that name, dying in 1876. She leaves one son, Mr. Caldwell McAfee, and two daughters, Mrs. James H. Matheny, of this place, and Mrs. J. D. Burch, of Aurora, Texas. The funeral was conducted Thursday afternoon at New Providence Church, by the pastor, Rev. Mr. Taylor, and the interment was in the Providence Cemetery.


Captain John McAfee, born January 3, 1806, died May 29, 1876.  Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

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  1. A member of this McAfee family traveled west to Missouri and was one of the early founders of Park College (today, Park University) in Parkville, Missouri just north of Kansas City.

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