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Madge and Willie Balleny 1896 Photo

Scan048 1Madge and Willie Balleny, photo taken about 1896.  Aren’t these adorable children?  Their white dresses are beautiful!  Notice the lacework on the collars and cuffs – especially Baby Willie’s outfit!

This is another photo from the great album purchased last month.  And on back we have names and ages!  Madge Balleny, four years, four months, and Willie Balleny, three months!  Photo taken by J. C. Tunny, Fine Art Photographic Galleries, 13 Maitland Street, West end of Princes Street and 19 Salisbury Place, Newington, Edinburgh.

With just a bit of research I found a 1901 census for Scotland – father, James Balleny, 52, mother, Mary, 49, daughter Margaret, 9, and William, 2.  James Balleny is a Secretary of Brewing Coy.  Madge is a nickname for Margaret, so it is very possible this is the correct family.  William married Christine Mitcheson.  Does anyone have these names in their family history?


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  1. This picture of Madge and Willie Balleny is of my father in law and his sister both of whom I knew well, of course. The detail you have of their parents and William’s wife are accurate and I have lots of further information about the family if anybody is interested . I wonder what the album that you mention, contains and what its provenance was.

  2. I really was hoping that somebody would tell me where this photo was found – whose album it was, what other photos were in it etc. It could be a great help in finding out more about the Balleny family.
    Valerie Balleny

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