Marvelous Family Photo – 1900?

Scan054 1Isn’t this a wonderful family photo?  Not quite as stiff and formal as you usually see!  The middle child steals the show – his cheek pressed close to his dad’s, and his arm around his dad’s neck – you can see his little fingers at the bottom of the dad’s left ear!

The coordinating outfits of the two older boys are precious!  The little one – I believe he is a boy! – is so cute – quite a handsome child.  He wears the traditional white dress of a child of that age – either sex.

The father is very casual – notice half his tie stuck in his shirt – and a long chain from the lapel of his jacket to the pocket – for a watch?  He has very large hands!

The mother is beautiful but rather solemn.  Perhaps she was worried that her middle son wasn’t sitting down as per norm – but that made the picture!

4 thoughts on “Marvelous Family Photo – 1900?”

  1. I like how they’re all kind of slouchy and relaxed even if not smiling. (Did people not smile due to a prevalence of bad teeth?)

  2. This is a fascinating photo for all the reasons written thus far; and along with that, I came here because of the characteristics in this Kentucky family being that of melungeon; a most intriguing group of people of which I may be one, and why I’m researching. Thank you.

  3. The reason people were so solemn is because they had to sit very still for several seconds–even minutes in earliest times. They were told to relax and not to move. People found positions that were comfortable. Besides that, the old paintings were the only pictures folks had seen of people before photos, and they never smiled either! Smiling for the camera started with movie stars.

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