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John Thompson – Sarah Shipley Mitchell Family

IMG_0287John Thompson, born November 20, 1775, died March 8, 1850.  Sarah S., wife of John Thompson, born December 31, 1778, died July 18, 1855.  Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky.

As I’ve said before, the information provided in newspaper articles in the 1930’s by Orval W. Baylor are absolutely priceless to us today!  He lived during the latter part of the lives of the early citizens of Washington County and their children and grandchildren, able to get information first hand!  What good luck for us that he was a veritable genealogist and historian! 

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky, by Orval W. Baylor

In the year 1800, Sarah Shipley Mitchell married John Thompson, son of Stith Thompson by his first wife who was a Miss Reeves. Stith Thompson came to Kentucky from Mecklenburg County, Virginia, about the year 1790. He had married twice before migrating to Kentucky. His first wife was a Miss Reeves, by whom he had John, born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, in 1775. His second wife was Elizabeth Park and by her he had a son, James, born in 1790.

Where Stith Thompson first settled when he came to Kentucky is not known. He came to Washington County in 1795 and settled on the Beech Fork. The land whereon he settled and lived is known as the Lucian Gregory place. He died in 1796.

John Thompson, son of Stith, after his marriage to Sarah Shipley Mitchell in 1800, settled on a portion of his father’s estate it being that part adjacent to the Pleasant Grove Church. In 1823 the family moved to the vicinity of Indianapolis, Indiana, but in 1837 came again to Washington County to settle about one mile from Thompsonville on the road from that place to Pleasant Grove. John and Sarah S. Thompson were the parents of twelve children, to wit:

  • Stith Thompson, Jr., born 1804. Lived at Thompsonville and for him the settlement was named. He married, May 18, 1835, Catharine McIlvoy, daughter of Daniel McIlvoy, and had William, Alexander, Sallie and Rose.

IMG_0284Robert Mitchell Thompson, December 4, 1811 – April 28, 1893.  Catharine, his wife, October 5, 1818 – July 17, 1855.  Mary A., his wife, January 4, 1812 – December 24, 1907.  Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Cemetery.

  • Robert Mitchell Thompson, born 1811. Married Catharine Pipes, of Boyle County, and had Andrew, born 1840; Nathaniel P., born 1844, m. Alice Leachman; Elizabeth married Simeon Graham; Margaret E.; Stith; John Warden married Eliza McClaskey.
  • William Reeves Thompson married Lizzie Bentley.
  • Starling Thompson.
  • Jane Thompson married Alexander Noe and had Isaac, Martha, John W., and James H.
  • Naomi Thompson married John Hobart of Indianapolis, and had Charlotte who married Vawter. She was a school teacher.
  • Nancy Thompson married John Peters.
  • Elizabeth Thompson married Isaac Brazelton. He was a kinsman of the wives of Francis and Edward Berry, cousins of Nancy Hanks.
  • Martha Thompson married Aquilla Noe.
  • John Wade Thompson married Martha A. Denny and had Kate.
  • Charles Thompson married Mary Alvey and went to Gentryville, Indiana, the same place where the Lincolns settled. Descendants are there.
  • Reeves Thompson married Sarah Davis and went to Union County, Kentucky.

James Thompson, son of Stith and Elizabeth Parks Thompson, was born in Kentucky in 1790. He married October 17, 1815, Nancy Litsey, daughter of Randolph Litsey. They had six children and descendants as follows:

IMG_0279Elias Booker Browne, December 9, 1829 – November 9, 1902.  Mary Thompson Browne, May 4, 1838 – March 1, 1900.  Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Cemetery.

  • Mary Thompson married Elias Brown. Their home was on the Maxville Road about one mile from Springfield. Issue: William, James, Beverly B., Jouett, Mary, Lucy, Viola, Nannie and Jane.
  • Emma Thompson married Thomas Leachman, son of Sampson Leachman, a native of Virginia. Sampson Leachman came to Kentucky and settled in Lincoln (now Boyle) County. His home was on the east side of Salt River, just over the bridge on the Danville Road. Of him and his family, more later. Issue of Thomas and Emma: William Henry, Elias, Nelson, Nannie, Alice, Mary and Elizabeth.
  • Sterling Parks Thompson married Elizabeth Brown, April 1, 1841. She was a daughter of Stephen Cocke Brown and Mary E. Davidson. Issue: 1. J. William Thompson married Matilda Raybourne and had Sterling P., Zelma, Sallie, Walter, Harry, Joseph Edward, William and Stephen B. Of these, Harry married Dolly Green, Zelma married Ben Lake, Sallie married C. D. Robertson, and Stephen B. married Betsy Thompson. 2. Stephen Brown Thompson married Ann Allen and had Naomi who married Theo Campbell. 3. Jane Thompson married John Adams. They first lived where Sterling Thompson now lives and then moved to Indianapolis.
  • DeWitt Thompson.
  • Nelson Thompson.
  • Dr. Stephen Thompson.

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