Old Photos

Ida Belle, Kate and Lizzie Starkey

A copy of this photo was sent to me by Roslyn McLendon.  I am especially interested because these are relatives of Roslyn who lived in Carroll County, Kentucky.  Thank you, Roslyn, for sharing!

IMG_2673 1Ida Belle Starkey was born in 1870, and married James Willard Dunn in Madison, Indiana, in 1889 (this is Roslyn’s great-grandmother).  They spent most of their married life at Locust, in Carroll County, Kentucky.

Kate Starkey married Carl Klinger; she was on the Ludlow School Board.

Lizzie Starkey, born 1869, married Carson  Thompson in 1891, and lived in Jefferson County, Indiana.

All three girls were daughters of Hugh Karr Starkey and Fannie Ellen Morrison, who married July 12, 1867, in Carroll County, Kentucky.

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