Sweet Family Photo

Scan127 1I purchased this tintype photo at an antique shop in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Definitely more people in one  small photo than I have ever seen!

Several things make this photo special.  Grandmother is holding the hands of the man behind her – probably her grandson?  She has such a sweet smile on her face!  The gentleman in the middle of the photo is wearing a uniform, and holding a hat in his lap – a soldier, police officer?  He seems a little sad – if he’s been through war that would explain why.  The balding gentleman also has a hat.

An approximate date for this photo would be late 1880’s or early 1890’s.  No photographer’s name due to it being a tintype.  If only we had names!

One thought on “Sweet Family Photo”

  1. I’m thinking this could be a family protrait . The small lady front and center is their Mom. The sad man, second row center is possibly her son and the blonde beside him could be his wife and they could be parents of the little boy.
    Some of the sisters in the back look like twins .
    I do think he’s a police officer, to bad you can’t see the badge.
    The lady on the right I think is holding hands with her younger brother, they appear to be the life of the picture. I can almost see his smile behind the mustache .

    Great picture ! Thanks for sharing!

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