Family Stories

Joseph Cahn Biography

from History of Union County, Kentucky, Perrin, 1886

Joseph Cahn, salesman in John Kaufman’s dry goods store, in Caseyvile, Kentucky, is the father of Abraham and Fanny (Goodman) Cahn; his father was born in Bavaria, Germany; he was a miller and a produce merchant, in the place where he was born; his mother was born in Baden.  Mr. Cahn’s grandfather, Ben Cahn, born in Bavaria, was a produce dealer.  His paternal grandmother, whose given name was Sarah, was born in Bavaria.  Mr. Cahn’s maternal grandfather’s name was Joseph.  he was a dealer in iron in that country.  the subject of this sketch was born in Bavaria, October 16, 1843.  He attended the common schools of that country for seven years, besides having the advantage of a private instructor at home for one year.  This training has given him a thorough understanding of his mother tongue.  He then engaged as salesman for his father and continued until 1866, when he conceived the idea of trying his fortune in another land.  He sailed for New York; was there only a short time; then to Philadelphia, and from there to Cleveland, Ohio; he sold goods throughout the state for two years; he came to Kentucky in the latter part of 1868 or the early part of 1869, and embarked in the dry goods business at Elizabethtown for two years; he then moved to Madisonville, where he stayed until 1870, at which time he came to Caseyville, where he now resides.  On September 12, 1871, Mr. Cahn married Miss Amelia Kaufman, of Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  Two sprightly boys are the fruits of this union; their names are Sam and Nathan.  Mr. Cahn was circumcised in the Jewish Church, to which faith he still adheres.  He is Mason, holding a demit from the Lodge at Madisonville.  Mr. Cahn is a thorough businessman, and will make his presence felt wherever he moves.

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