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Lewis Webb and Lucy R. Webb Pension Application

from Newspaper Articles by Orval W. Baylor

Lewis Webb, Washington County, Kentucky, February 28, 1828, age 65, states that he entered into the Revolutionary War service in Briggs Jefferson command by Captain James Markham, and as such served five years and six months, during which time he was transferred to the ship Cormorrant, commanded by Captain Callander, previous to his commission he had recruited 44 men and paid the bounty out of his own pocket with the exception of 10 men and never received from the government more than $100.

He states that he did not apply for pension when he first knew that he could because he was financially able to support himself and family at that time, being a teacher of small schools.

He had living with him at the time he applied for pension, a wife age about 45, and a daughter, Catherine Webb, age 15, daughter Lucy Ann Webb, 14, grandson Richard Farris, age 10 whom I support.  This February 25, 1828.

Mercer County, Kentucky, October 21, 1828, affidavit of Judith F. Webb and Anna Fleming testify as follows: that we hereby certify that Lewis Webb was an officer in the Continental Army of the U. S. and that he, the said Webb, brought men several times to my uncle, George Webb, to have sworn in who lived near the said Continental Army and had his commission as such and we further certify that the troops were stationed at the barracks near by same uncle.  We saw the said Webb frequently pass from my uncle’s to said barracks until the said troops were ordered down to Williamsburg and we further state that the said Webb and the troops were stationed at said barracks more than 12 months before said Webb and troops were ordered to Williamburg, given under our hands and seals, the day and year above written.  signed Miss Judith F. Webb and Mrs. Anna Fleming.

Witness William R. Webb.  The place of the barracks where said Webb enlisted was at George Webb’s near Richmond, Virginia.

Judith F. Webb and Nancy Fleming made affidavits in Washington County, Kentucky, 1833, and stated that during the Revolutionary War they each resided in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, and state that said Webb was their cousin and saw him recruit and bring several men to a Mr. Cook, an uncle and magistrate in Henrico County, Virginia.

Mrs. Lucy B. Webb made application for widows pension in Boyle County, Kentucky, 1843, age 75.  She has a son George Webb and in whose handwriting the following Bible pages are written:

Bible Records

  • Lewis Webb, New Kentucky County, Virginia, married Lucy R. Cary, of King William County, Virginia, September 29, 1781.
  • Foster L. Webb, son of Lewis Webb, married Miss Martha Bilbo, of Mercer County, Kentucky, January 27, 1825.
  • William R. Webb, son of Lewis Webb, married Miss Jane Moore of Washington County, February 12, 1824.
  • Lucy R. Webb, wife of Lewis Webb, was born April 5, 1768.
  • Mr. Bluford Musser was married to my daughter Catherine P. Webb, April 15, 1832, by the Rev. McCane of Lebanon.
  • Rasan Davis of Green County was married to my daughter Anna B. Webb, January 5, 1817.
  • James Burns of Green County was married to Theodocia C. Webb, July 5, 1817.
  • Pleasant F. Webb was married to Miss Amanda C. Short of Lincoln County, June 7, 1832.


  • Martha L. Webb, daughter, born June 25, 1785
  • Elizabeth Webb, born September 12, 1790
  • Ann Buckerton Webb, born October 27, 1792
  • Theodore Cook Webb, born September 17, 1794
  • Edward Cary Webb, born December 22, 1796
  • William Roscoe Webb, born December 11, 1798
  • Lewis Foster Webb, born September 11, 1801
  • Martha Webb, born March 22, 1803
  • Mary A. Webb, daughter of F. L. Webb, born November 22, 1825
  • William Lewis Webb born March 11, 1829
  • William Lewis Musser, son of Bluford Musser and Catherine Webb, December 26, 1832
  • Martha Catherine Webb, daughter of Foster L. Webb, born December 14, 1833.
  • Franklin Knox born February 10, 1837

Births of William R. Webb’s children:

  • Margaret Mary Webb, November 15, 1826
  • Richmond Webb, May 7, 1829
  • Theodocia Webb, November 23, 1831
  • Jane Hawkins Webb, March 3, 1834
  • Lewis Foster Webb, September 15, 1836
  • William Alexander Webb, May 27, 1839
  • Lucy A. Web, October 13, 1842


  • Lewis Webb died July 12, 1841, at 35 minutes past 2 o’clock p.m., age 84
  • A daughter was born December 9, 1803, died
  • A son was born October 24, 1800, died
  • William Lewis Webb, son of Foster L. Webb and Martha Webb, died in Washington County, Kentucky, January 20, 1829, age 3 years and 10 months.
  • Franklin Knox Webb died May 9, 1839


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